Gamification of Wellness

It’s hard to find a wellness or benefits professional who has not heard of the gamification of wellness. Everything from health assessments to health coaching sessions to physical activity challenges is transforming the health and wellness marketplace with gamified features. As a former Wellness Manager for a Fortune 50 company, I can tell you many employer benefits professionals question whether or not gamification is making a difference for most employee populations. According to Michael Antaran, CEO and founder of CARROT Health & Wellness, “Gamification is a method of incorporating social media, competition and rewards into behavior change.” And based on my experience, his innovation, the CARROT app, is a game changer.

CARROT is an entirely new type of wellness program
CARROT gives employers a mobile tool to engage and motivate their workforce to be more active, with or without wearable devices. In addition, it benefits local businesses through the Carrot Merchant Network Rewards program, which, in turn subsidizes incentive costs for employers.

Key Benefits of CARROT Health & Wellness
o Each user has a personalized step goal which updates daily
o Incentive rewards are dynamically updated based on supply and demand in order to optimize employee engagement at the lowest possible cost to the employer
o Rewards are provided directly on the app assuring instant gratification for participants
o CARROT is the only wellness program in the industry that actively involves local retailers which helps to dramatically reduce employer incentive costs and increase employee participation.
o Local businesses participate and gain valuable exposure to a large group of participants
o The employer can approve of any reward that appears on the branded reward tab



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