Start a Brand Ambassador Program

Start a Brand Ambassador Program
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A number of companies and non profit organizations have discovered a great way to extend their social media reach on a shoestring budget with little or no staff. They are using Social Media Ambassadors to help promote their brand. Ambassadors post positive comments about your business and share events on all the social media platforms where they are actively sharing content daily.


Gazelle Sports

Gazelle Sports, a sporting goods store with multiple locations in Michigan, recently launched an ambassador program called Gazelle Sports Activators. I was honored to be one of the first ambassadors and am happy to share the process here so that others may benefit from Gazelle’s model. The Marketing Manager sent invitations by e-mail to key customers and asked them to apply. As part of the application process, ambassador candidates were asked what motivates them to exercise, which social media sites they are active on and ideas for future promotions. Applications were reviewed by a panel of Gazelle Sports staffers. Since Gazelle has five retail locations, Activators were selected to represent each of the locations. Activators were then notified of their selection and asked to attend an in-store meeting at the location where they were assigned.
At the meeting, the Ambassadors were given a “swag bag” full of goodies and a discount card worth 40% off their in store purchase. Throughout the year, the Gazelle Social Media Manager would e-mail the Ambassadors with special store events and request that the Ambassadors share the event on social media.
The program has been hugely successful and as a result, Gazelle is recruiting even more Activators this year.
This note is a testimonial to the success of the program:

Dear Gazelle Sports Activators,

I wanted to reach out as your term as a Gazelle Sports Activator comes to a close to say thank you! Thank you for joining us in our movement mission. Thank you for showing up to our events as participants and volunteers. Thank you for helping us to make connections with your friends, family and community partners. And most of all thank you for being you! You made a difference at Gazelle Sports as an Activator.

Blo Blow Dry Bar Birmingham

Blo Blow Dry Bar Birmingham has 130 locations across the world so they know a thing or two about marketing. Since one of my blog posts is about blow dry bars, I reached out to the salon manager about collaborating. As it turns out, she was looking for a Brand Ambassador to help promote their services. I served as the Brand Ambassador for a six month period and received free blow dry services in return for posting photos on all of my social media platforms. It was a great opportunity for me to grow my followers and a great boost for Blo during a slow time for their business.

Elements Massage of Troy

Elements Massage of Troy was one of my first social media marketing clients. After the owner hired a receptionist, she transferred some of the social media posting responsibilities to her. She was able to use the model that I created and train her staff to do the work. Since I was doing brand ambassador work for other clients, I presented the idea of a brand ambassador program to the owner of Elements and she loved it. Once again, I received free massages in return for posts and photos on all of my social media platforms. I also feature Elements in many of my blog posts such as this one on Healthy Ways to take Time for You.


So as you can see, a brand ambassador program is a wonderful, low cost way to promote your business or non profit. If you do not have a social media presence or if you do not have many followers, a brand ambassador program may be for you.


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