Spring Crafts to Lift your Mood

Spring Crafts

Spring is a time of new beginnings. So many people like to do spring cleaning and get their homes in tip top shape. The windows are open, birds are singing, and sun is shining. There is more sun light during the evenings too. You may even feel your mood lifting during this time. For this reason, spring is a great time for crafting.

Plants and Flowers

Naturally as the ground is thawing here in Michigan, we start thinking about our gardens. And although it is still cold to plant things outside, there are plenty of crafts that can give your home a boost of color. Having flowers and plants around you helps your mood and your mental health. Try visiting the Nature Hills Nursery site for gift ideas such as their wall planters. You can fill them with herbs, succulents or even fresh flowers once your garden starts to bloom.

Cutting Machines

There are so many crafts that you can make with a cutting machine like the Cricut. From labels to holiday decorations to apparel, the possibilities are endless. And many people have discovered the therapeutic benefits of crafting especially during the pandemic. Getting involved in a project that makes your surroundings look better is an instant mood boost.


As families gather for spring holidays, many crafters enjoy creating beautiful tables for entertaining. Setting the table is truly an art and a wonderful way to be creative. You can bring fragrance into your home and set the mood by adding candles from Yankee Candle. Whether you are setting the mood, adding fragrance to your clean home or just relaxing, add some candles to your space.


  1. Great ideas! My garden is staring at me begging me to clear it. I am sure I will enjoy making it nice though.

  2. I feel like Spring naturally lends itself to being a crafty time of year — I will be enjoying doing some more creative/nature-based things as the season progresses. Lovely ideas!

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