Spring Cleaning is Good for your Health


Even though it is still snowing in Michigan, I have been spring cleaning my house for a couple of weeks. I have been thinking about reorganizing my basement and closets all winter but a couple of things pushed me to move forward. First, our basement crawl space had a leak from all of the rain we got last month. So my husband and I spent several nights after work throwing out the stuff that got wet and cleaning the floor and carpet. Then we painted my office and my son’s room which pushed me to get rid of some more stuff.


As I cleaned and purged, I felt better. I strive for progress not perfection when it comes to cleaning – especially spring cleaning. When my house smells and looks clean and free of clutter, I actually feel better. And it really makes me happy to get rid of stuff we did not need any more. Here are my tips for making progress and feeling good about spring cleaning your house.


After you throw out, give away or sell the items that you do not want any more, you are left with things that need to be stored. I like to put all of my winter clothing and linens in storage totes like these. They are breathable for ventilation which make them great for storing in an attic or basement. I like that they have handles so that you can carry them. If you have kids in college, they are perfect for moving clothes and linens back and forth. The clear sides make it easy to see what is inside. Of course, you could also splurge on renting some storage too, as those big units will give you way more scope for decluttering.


Stock up on the cleaning supplies that you will need so that you do not have to stop what you are doing to run out and buy them. I like to use Shipt to have my supplies delivered. You can use my code to get $10 off a membership. I order trach bags, paper towels, Swiffer dusters and wet and dry floor pads. For cleaning the coffee maker, I just use vinegar. And to clean my window sills and screens, I just use hot water.


Spring is also a good time to replace things that are worn out such as linens, rugs, clothing and shoes. As you go through your home, check to see if items are past their usable life. In my case, I had to replace some linens and get some new rugs. Getting new sheets helps me sleep better. And when I sleep better, I feel better.


As spring approaches, think about doing some cleaning and reorganizing. Break down tasks and take a room at a time. Open the windows and roll up your sleeves. Before you know it, your house will be clean and you will feel amazing.

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  1. I’m currently doing some Spring cleaning (taking it slow) and it is a really great way to spend some time getting organized and even clearing my mindset. Love it!

  2. Ash

    A love a good spring cleaning. Always makes me feel ready for what’s to come.

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