How To Spend Less On Google Ads (And Still Get Clicks)

Spending a lot of money on Google Ads can be worthwhile if your ads are generating lots of leads. What you don’t want to be doing is spending lots of money on ads and not getting any leads. 


You can usually determine how effective your ads are by measuring the CPC (Cost Per Click). While clicks don’t always result in leads, some clicks will convert. By spending less money and getting more clicks, you can maximise the amount of leads you get without spending huge amounts of money.

The average CPC on Google Ads search network is $3.01. Meanwhile, the average CPC on Google Ads display network is $0.71. If your CPC is higher than the average, it could be a sign that you’re spending too much on Google Ads.

By reducing your CPC, you can spend less money on Google Ads while still getting clicks. But just how do you reduce your CPC?

One of the biggest things you can do is try to improve your quality score. The quality score is a tool that measures the quality of your ads – it is affected by how relevant your ad is and how good your landing page experience is. 


There are a few specific things you can do to improve your quality score and your CPC. This includes using negative keywords and not neglecting ad extensions. The infographic below offers a more comprehensive guide on how to reduce your CPC (including the things you should do and the things you shouldn’t do).

Infographic by Claire Jarrett
Tags: Last updated on March 12, 2022


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