Practical Ways To Burglar-Proof Your Business




Never assume your business is safe from burglary.

Considering this article, it might alarm you to know that nearly 9 percent of businesses were burgled in 2017. Did your business fall into those statistics?

While retail businesses are targeted more frequently, any business with the promise of something profitable inside, such as computers or money, can be affected.

It stands to reason then that no matter what kind of business you run, that protecting yourself from the risk of burglary should be your priority. There are a number of practical steps you can take.


Line your perimeters

    The harder it is for the burglar to get to your business, the less likely they are to attempt an invasion. By using metal gates and fencing, you can ensure your business is safe during the daytime – only allowing access during opening hours – and at night, when it will be very difficult for a burglar to get near to your business premises.

    Burglar-proof your windows and doors.

      Getting in through a doorway is one of the more common methods for a burglar to gain entry, as unless they decide to break your doors down with a sledgehammer, ┬áthere is less danger of noise. Therefore, you need to invest in high-quality locks, such as these high-security deadbolts, which will make the burglar’s life harder when trying to break in. Attach these to all the doors within your business, and consider fortifying your windows with them as well. You might also consider replacing traditional key locks with electronic card locks, as these can only be accessed with a specific code. Unless the burglar is a professional hacker, they will have a very difficult time getting in. For extra measure, you should also invest in metal shutters for your doors and window, and/or bar grills to frustrate the wannabe burglar.

      Invest in an alarm system

        According to these statistics, burglars are 4.5 times more likely to burglarize a business without an alarm system in place. As a business owner, investing in an alarm for your business is clearly worth it. While you could go for a traditional alarm system – the kind that alerts the whole neighborhood when a burglary is taking place – you might also opt for a silent alarm system which is linked directly to your nearest police station. The burglar will assume everything is fine until those flashing blue lights of the police turn up to catch him/her in the act.

        Man your defenses

          By which we mean adding another indispensable member of your staff to your payroll, a security guard. Especially at night when your business would otherwise be left unguarded, the sight of somebody patrolling your perimeter might be enough to scare off the burglar. You might also hire somebody in the daytime, especially if your business attracts a lot of foot traffic, such as anything within the retail sector.

          Use your common sense

            Finally, don’t let your lack of planning put your business in danger. Always be sure that doors and windows are secured before you leave in the evening. Limit the number of keys you hand out to employees. Regularly change your alarm and security door codes. And invest in a safe to hide any valuables within your business. By using your common sense, you are less likely to experience the trauma of burglary within your business.

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            Last updated on March 29, 2023


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