Could You Work For Yourself? Here Are Some Options To Consider

Many people have the dream that at some point they would like to work for themselves. It might be that you have the idea for your very own business. You have a passion for something and you just wait for the day that you can make it your reality. For some people, business ideas are few and far between, but that doesn’t mean that working for yourself is out of the question. Here are some options to consider that could help you make that dream of yours a reality.


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Create a blog


One of the first things that you could consider doing is blogging. It is something that you can work on in your spare time, and once you get to the stage where you are being approached for advertising and sponsored content, it could then become your job. It does take time, but blogging has fast become a job for many people out there seeking a career where they can work for themselves. Thankfully there are a lot of tips and advice out there to help you get started.


Work as a freelancer



Maybe you like what you do, but you just don’t want to work for someone anymore. Freelancing is the answer. You could freelance at what you do now. It might be accounts, administration, becoming a virtual assistant or even considering things like freelance copywriting or social media management. Think about what your job is now and actively seek out ways to do it for yourself and cut out the middleman.


A job in real estate


Working in real estate could definitely be your thing, especially if you are knowledgeable of your local area and also have experience in real estate previously. You could use your own software Related to real estate CRM so that you can keep track of your clients, and you could focus on a smaller number of clients giving them a unique and hands on service. It could be just what you need to do to make a career for yourself on your own terms.


Take on a franchise


If you don’t have the idea, but like the idea of running a business, then why not consider a franchise? There are many businesses out there that are franchised. They give you the business model to follow, the standards to adhere to, but you run it as if it is your own. Often there is an upfront payment, but it could be a worthwhile investment for you.


Become an eBay reseller


Finally, why not try becoming an eBay reseller? Many people do this from home and it can be very profitable. You source your stock, you research the items you list them and then wait for them to sell. It is essentially having your own online shop from home, but as eBay is such a huge platform you already have a huge customer base. You do need to open a business account with eBay, but once the necessary fees are paid, whatever is left over is yours to keep. Like anytime you work from home, you will then declare it as income. It can be an easy way to make that step to working for yourself.


Let’s hope this has given you some inspiration on how you can make the dream of working for yourself your reality.

Last updated on March 25, 2019


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