Get Chronic Pain Out Of The Way Of Your Success

Chronic pain, by its very nature, is not an easy condition to fight. The majority is physical, with lower back pain being the most common kind of chronic pain out there. It can be legitimately debilitating, but that doesn’t mean it always has to be. If you’re sick of chronic pain getting in the way of your success, here are some tips on how to manage it so you can keep your mind on your goals, not your aches and pains.

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Learn the relationship between stress and pain

The chronic nature of your pain means that you may never be truly free of it, which can be difficult to accept. However, it’s not all physical, it’s mental, as well. Stress and anxiety both make you more acutely aware of the physical strain on your body. What’s more, stress increases the production of hormones that cause the body to tense up, which can only exacerbate pain, especially pain related to inflammation of joints and the back. Learning stress management techniques is an important part of fighting chronic pain, whether it’s through meditation, massage therapy, exercise, or maintaining a good night’s sleep even in your busiest periods.

You have to work at it every day

Depending on the source of your chronic pain, there may be efforts you can take to manage it every day. One of the most effective ways of treating it is through the right balance of activity and rest. With the kind expertise available at Reach Physical Therapy and similar services, you could benefit from the insight and experience of professionals who have worked with clients like you time and time again. Not only can you learn how to free yourself from the level of pain you’re currently experiencing, but you can improve your energy levels and restore a level of mobility you might not otherwise be able to reach. When it comes to battling most physical causes of chronic pain, physical activity isn’t just helpful, it’s essential.

Know your limits

You have to know when to take it easy, especially when you’re having particularly bad days. If you try to work beyond your limits, not only are you going to exacerbate your pain, but you could end up setting yourself back, undoing the work of your physical therapy. However, there are ways you can address what causes you to reach your limits. If your work happens mostly at a desk, you can look at ergonomic office designs and similar suppliers to create a work environment that causes less stress on your body. More supportive chairs, desks at the correct working heights, and things like standing desks can help you do more without reaching your limit. If you’re beginning to feel strain, however, it’s wise to play it safe and take as much of a break as you need.


Remember to keep your primary healthcare provider informed of all changes, both in your treatment and condition. They can keep tabs on your pain levels and help you understand the different methods of treatment and resources at your disposal. If you go it alone, it’s much harder to spot the potential solutions that might be most effective.

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