Indispensable People That Should Be On Every Payroll

“Every little bit helps” is a mantra which businesses, especially Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), should live by. There is no way to get to the top of the ladder alone, which is why you have a team of people on the payroll. The right personnel will push each other along, as well as the business, creating and tackling new and demanding challenges on the way.


However, this only happens when the correct people are in the proper positions. If your staff is not top notch, the future of the company may get a little wobbly. Recruiting workers is tough, yet it’s easier when you remember the following people should always be on the payroll.

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The Cheerleader

Don’t worry because no one expects you to hire a young woman with a rocking body to stand in the office and dole out praise. This is the 21st-century so it should be a man instead! Jokes aside, in the right capacity a cheerleader will lift morale and maintain a positive working environment. They may not have pom-poms, but what they do have is a never-say-die attitude and a determination to succeed. The competitive nature of co-workers results in everybody following the example and pitching in to avoid getting left behind. Give me a W, give an I, give me an N – that spells WIN.


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The Mentor

While some people lead by example, others do it through their words as well as their actions. They are generally older employees with years of experience who are sick and tired of the office politics. They see young and ambitious co-workers and want to help them succeed. What’s great about this trait is that you can use it to the company’s advantage to impact the entire workplace. By putting this person into teaching or training position, anyone on the payroll will be able to listen and learn.


The CEO and CFO are two positions which are very popular, yet CIO goes under the radar. It stands for Chief Information Officer, and it’s one of the most important posts in modern business. Firms in this day and age use tech in the workplace to gain an advantage. For example, sending emails to communicate quickly and effectively. IT consultants even offer this feature as they recognize its importance. As well as using gadgets and gizmos, it’s imperative that you understand how they work. Employing someone who reviews and analyzes data will ensure your databases and software are maintained. And, it keeps your infrastructure intact too.

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The Nerd

Not to be derogatory to nerds, but there is always someone who has knowledge nobody else has, and it’s vital. Knowing that you can turn to this person and ask them a question in a clutch situation is incredibly helpful. It saves time researching, and that means you can cut down on expenses too. Plus, they add to the standing of the firm as long as their knowledge is ratified and validated.

While they may not always help, the reality is that having these people in your corner is often a comforting and cost-effective.

Last updated on December 1, 2020


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