How to Look After Your Health This Winter


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This year there are more winter dangers than ever because of the threat of a serious virus going around. That means your winter self care is more important this year and should be taken seriously. Knowing what the dangers are is part of the solution. In this article, we consider what to look out for and why, and how to avoid the most present threats. 

Boost your diet

In the winter there is less sunlight to activate the serotonin in your brain and make you feel good. As a result, you tend to eat more heavy food that has the same effect. Food that tends to be unhealthy also tastes good and releases the feel-good chemical serotonin. This is why lots of people put on weight in the winter without realizing it. You can work against this trend by raising your serotonin levels through exercise instead. With your brain satisfied in this way, you will notice a significant reduction in your cravings for unhealthy food. 

Exercise regularly

A regular exercise routine in the winter is one of the best things you can do for your health. It not only keeps your weight down and increases your wellbeing it also supports your immune system. Exercising in the winter is the best time as it prevents you from catching illnesses, taking sick days, and has a long term cumulative effect. Twenty minutes of exercise four or five times a week should be optimal to get the benefits, If you are having trouble managing your time because you are looking after someone, think about senior care franchises to help. 

Stay connected

With the rather cold and stormy outside, it can be easy to curl up on your sofa, close the curtains and hibernate all winter. This is a bad idea. If you don’t stay connected to friends, family, and communities it could be bad for your mental health, your immune system, and your overall wellbeing. Even if it takes an effort, contact your forums and family and meet up if you can. Invite people over for dinner if possible and go out to visit museums and art galleries. The winter is a lovely time to visit the city. 

Scrub up

If the global pandemic has brought with it many positives, it’s hygiene. Now, more than ever before, people are washing their hands, using sanitizer, and wearing masks. As a result, there are far fewer germs around this year making it less likely you will catch a cold or flu. Still, you want to be on the safe side, and it makes sense to get into the habit anyway. Regular hand washing, especially before and after meals, will protect you from the worst effects of the winter. 

Sleep well

To protect your health this winter make sure you get plenty of sleep. Studies show that sleep can have a significant effect on your immune system. A lack of sleep causes a reduction in white blood cells that help fight infections in the body, so if your immune system is already reduced due to lifestyle or circumstances, a lack of sleep can tip you over the edge. Protect your health this winter by going to sleep before twelve and waking early. 


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