Maintaining Wellness While Running A Business

Ask any smart woman how she manages her family, her household and her business in a healthy manner and she will tell you she has a team. Delegating work to a virtual team or a real, live team is easy in the gig economy. It’s also the best way to maintain wellness while running a business. Learn tips from these successful entrepreneurs. All of them have a keen understanding that staying well is the key to running your business.


Leah Busque

I read about Leah in Fortune Magazine and was inspired by her story. She is the successful entrepreneur who developed TaskRabbit. The platform connects people who need to get things done around the house to back ground checked taskers who want to make some extra cash. She sold the company to Ikea for an undisclosed sum because it’s pure genius. As anyone who has every tried to assemble Ikea furniture knows, there has got to better way. Leah is also a firm believer that “a founder’s health is really important to the company’s health”. This all ties back to the fact that if you can delegate something that you either don’t want to do or don’t have time to do, by all means – do it. After all, you have a business to run. Plus there is probably someone in your neighborhood looking to make some money who can pull weeds for you.

Crystal Washington

I recently attended the Comerica Women’s Business Symposium in Detroit and heard Crystal Washington speak. Not only is she a dynamic, knowledgeable technology strategist and author, she also knows how to get things done while staying balanced. Her blog post tells the story of how she was exhausted from working and travelling and still needed to decorate her house for the holidays quickly. She decided to use technology to order a Christmas Tree delivery to her home. And she was able to accomplish it by using technology.

Nicole Ashley and Amanda Fraifogl

Nicole and Amanda co-own Blo Birmingham which is a salon that specializes in blow outs for your hair. These two best friends are busy, working moms who appreciate my favorite mantra: when you look good, you feel good and then you do good. Whether you have an interview, a wedding or just need a break from styling your hair, the stylists at Blo can help. The team will wash, dry and style your hair and have you looking great in about thirty minutes flat. Time well spent!

Work Smarter not Harder

Be smart with technology and use your time to run your business or perform other functions that you can not delegate. There are so many services such as Shipt and Fiverr that can help you get your shopping done quickly and reasonably while you are working. Through a user-friendly app and a local network of reliable shoppers, Shipt connects members to fresh groceries and everyday essentials. Saving time, fuel and headspace, next-hour, same day grocery delivery is quickly becoming an everyday necessity for people looking for an extra few hours and intentional food choices.


Fiverr is a service that allows small businesses to hire freelancers to do a variety of tasks. Whether you need help with graphics and animation or writing and translation, Fiverr can match your need with a professional who can help. Payment is mutually agreed upon and rendered once the work is approved by you.

If you wish to share your tips on maintaining wellness while running your business, please leave a comment.

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