Healthy Habits for the Holidays


As pandemic fatigue grows, it is challenging to find healthy things to do for the holidays. Our days have gotten shorter and it is often dark by 5 pm. For our family, planning regular outings has been essential. Here are are tips for healthy, holiday fun.


Check out the Holiday Lights

We take an evening walk through the neighborhood to look at lights. Last night we drove downtown to Campus Martius to look at the park. We took some hot drinks in the car with us and listened to Christmas music on the radio. It was nice to get out of the house and enjoy some together time without screens. We ordered carryout ramen from the car and picked it up on our way home. Everyone agreed it was a nice change of pace with minimal health risk.

Go for a Walk

All of us are spending tons of time on video calls and looking at our computers all day for work and school. I find that I need to take regular breaks to help with managing the pain in my knees and back. While walking around the block is nice and quick, my daughter and I find that taking little mid day trip to a local park with a lake is beneficial when time allows. This week we walked around a nearby lake and then drove through a coffee shop on the way home. I could not believe how much taking an hour break helped my focus and got us moving. Our fur babies were happy too. Consider switching up your daily walk with a change of scenery.

Send out Holiday Greetings

I enjoy sending cards each year to friends and family but this year is different. I am taking more time to write a note on each one. This year has been tough for so many people but finding gratitude and joy and sharing it with others is a healthy way to cope with pandemic stress. I plan to send about 50 cards this year and am looking forward to getting some in return too.

I am eager to hear your ideas for getting for the winter. Please share them in the comments section. Happy Holidays!


Last updated on December 13, 2020


  1. My husband and I have decided to go for a night drive to look at Christmas house decorations and just enjoy being out of the house for a bit looking at something new! I like all your tips — super helpful!

  2. I love the holidays so much! Lately, I’ve been putting on Christmas music or movies, baking treats and doing crafts! I have yet to drive out and see the lights around the neighbourhood 🙂

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