Back Pain Remedies You Need Now

Back Pain, Back Pain Remedies You Need Now, Carley Creative Concepts

Like many people, I suffer from back pain. Since I am a wellness professional, I recognize that stress is a key contributor to pain. I try to manage it with prevention and without medication. I have been successful over the years using these tips. If you are ready for some healthy back pain remedies, read on and find out how I do it. This post contains affiliate links so if you purchase from one of my affiliate partners, I may receive a small bonus at no cost to you. 

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Support Your Back

If you work long hours at a desk or sit a lot as part of your commute, you may notice pain in your lower back. For many back pain sufferers, the two are combined and really are unavoidable. I love the Lito Tree Pillow for low back support and as a remedy for back pain. The pillow is ergonomically designed to provide ideal spinal alignment and support to reduce head, neck, shoulder and back discomfort. It is constructed of high grade memory foam which retains its shape and molds to your body. It has no chemical smell or odor at all unlike similar support products. After a few days of using this pillow at my desk as well as in my car, I noticed a substantial reduction in my back pain. Because of its design, the LitoTree Memory Foam Round Pillow provides lumbar support for sitting on a couch, chair or car seat. Use my code CARLEYCREAT to get 20% off.

Back Pain, Back Pain Remedies You Need Now, Carley Creative Concepts

Use a Backpack

Slinging a heavy diaper bag, purse, laptop bag or messenger bag on one shoulder is a sure way to cause back pain. The extra weight causes misalignment in your spine and eventually leads to pain. Often, students, commuters or new moms will carry heavy bags on one shoulder and in many cases, the back pain follows. Backpacks are a great remedy to this common problem. Whether you are a parent, student, frequent flier or a commuter, you need a backpack to haul your gear and there is a huge selection at my partner. Use my code SAVE25NOW to save 25% everyday.

Back Pain, Back Pain Remedies You Need Now, Carley Creative Concepts

Get a Massage

In all honestly, I get monthly massages. I do not consider massage a luxury. For me therapeutic massage is absolutely imperative to preventing and relieving back pain. I would not think of giving up my massages and truly look forward to them. Many companies offer a monthly membership program for massage. I recommend Elements Massage because their staff is professional, rates are reasonable, they are conveniently located and they offer some amazing add-on services. My personal favorite is the Herbal Ritual Massage. With regular massage, not only are you practicing good self care, you are caring for your chronic back pain condition. Be sure and check with your insurance company to see if they cover massage.

Back Pain, Back Pain Remedies You Need Now, Carley Creative Concepts

  • Back Pain, Back Pain Remedies You Need Now, Carley Creative Concepts

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8 thoughts on “Back Pain Remedies You Need Now
  1. My mom gets monthly massages and I always assumed it was a luxury thing.
    But I totally get why she does it now. They’re way more than just a way to relax. I feel so much better after all the links are out.

    Great post!

  2. Great tips! I need to get that pillow 🙂 Back when I was working as a massage practitioner I would get regular massage myself, but it’s been a while now. I should do that.

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