Beauty Tips For On The Road

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It’s already tough to find a hairstylist you like, and now you’re planning to go traveling. Your makeup collection is pretty large, but you won’t have space to take it all. Many of us have stocked up on all kinds of cosmetics and other beauty products, but when you’re on the road, you need to pare it down. It’s just not possible to maintain the same beauty routine on the road as you do at home. You won’t have the space or the time for your old routine, and often not the privacy either. However, maybe you still want to look cute on the road and make beauty part of staying well on the road. How can you manage it?

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Pack The Necessities

Pack the essentials, like tweezers, nail clippers, small scissors, and deodorant. If you use a device to remove hair, take that with you, as well as some disposable razors for days when you don’t have access to an electrical outlet. Choose between a hair dyer and your straighteners. Don’t take both. You can let your hair air dry, but have the straighteners on hand for special occasions or days when your hair just won’t co-operate. If you use anything for teeth whitening, take these items with you too. 

Choose Make-Up Wisely

Be practical about carrying things you only want just in case. Stick to the basics, with one or two practical items that are important to your personal style. 

Remember that your skin tone can change a bit if you get a tan. It can be easier to take a BB cream rather than a foundation, as well as blush, concealer, and a highlighter. You can use eye pencil on days when you’re aren’t wearing much other make-up. Pack some favorite pencils and waterproof mascara. 

Stick To Classics

When you’re choosing colors, stick with pretty, neutral, and fresh shades. The shades of nail varnish or lipstick that are on trend at home might not work well in another country, so the classics are a safer bet. 

Multitasking makeup is also really useful. Swap lipstick for a tinted balm and pencil instead. Touching up on the go will be easier too. 

Travel Size Isn’t Always Best

Travel-sized toiletries are fantastic for short trips, but if you’re going to be traveling for more than about a week, it’s better to take full-sized options. If you don’t, you going to be searching for replacements every few days, which is going to cut into your time for fun and exploring. If you’ve found multi-purpose moisturizers, body washes, or shampoos that work for you, take those. 

Choose Brands Wisely

Choosing brand over generic will be a personal choice. Do you want to take expensive products that work or a less effective but more affordable drugstore brand? Imagine how you’d feel if your Chanel perfume was spilled in your suitcase, or your Dior lipstick went missing after a night in a hostel. How would you feel? Would the drugstore options be better?

Try to Get Some Sleep!

An on-the-go beauty routine will be no good with a stable sleep schedule behind it. Whether you found a straight truck with sleeper for sale to drive or you’ve got a tent to set up wherever you stop, hit the hay at the same time every night. This way you’re more likely to get those quality 7 to 8 hours in, even when it’s a bit cold or the nighttime stars are so beautiful to look at. At the very least, you’ll have plenty of time to relax!


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