Staying Well on the Road

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Staying Well on the Road

Over the past few months, the cases of Covid have increased exponentially. Yet I have managed to stay well while carrying on daily activities and visiting multiple states for holiday get togethers. I have travelled by plane and car to Florida, Arizona and Ohio and remain covid negative. Here are my tips for staying well while on the road during the pandemic.


Get Tested

The key to being around other people in social situations is to assure that everyone in the party is free of Covid. Either go to a testing center or take an at home test if you plan to travel. We have been successful with getting appointments at nearby clinics and have had limited success buying at home tests. My kids are in college and are able to get tested easily on campus. You can get up to four free tests from the U.S government by ordering them online. Be sure to place your order now so that you have them when you need them. Our experience has been that even if you have mild symptoms, you should test. If you are positive, stay home and isolate. Be honest and let family and friends know so that they can be tested as well. One of the main ways to stop the spread is to test and isolate or quarantine if you are positive or exposed to someone who is.

Wear a Mask

Because the Omicron variant is highly contagious and spread through coughing or sneezing, it is imperative to wear mask when you leave the house. Although experts disagree on what type of mask is best, I used surgical masks similar to these throughout the past two months and have not tested positive for Covid. As I mentioned above, I have flown about twenty hours on planes to Florida and Arizona and spent many hours indoors with people who were positive for Covid and I have not gotten it. When I go to the mall, the drugstore or the grocery, I also wear my mask. And I change them every day and throw them out. They are disposable for a reason.

Drink Water

Stay hydrated by drinking water all day long. I keep a water bottle with me and fill it up multiple times throughout the day. Some bottles have markings on them that show you how many ounces you have left to drink and even mark the times. Bottles like these make it easy and fun to stay hydrated. Water helps your digestion, circulation, immune system and keeps your respiratory system lubricated.

Stay on a Schedule

I find that staying on a schedule with my exercise, sleep and eating while travelling is the best way to stay well on the road. If you eat a light breakfast in the morning, you will want to do the same while travelling. Some hotels have a free breakfast, and you may be tempted to fill up on foods that you don’t normally eat. My husband and I both agree that we feel better if we stick to items that we normally eat for breakfast as much as possible. Likewise, if you go to the gym every other day, try to visit the gym while travelling or at least get your walking steps into your day. Lastly, try to maintain your sleep schedule. I find that the first day or two, I sleep in a little longer than regular. But by the third day, I am up and ready to go at my normal time and that really helps when it is time to adjust back to your post vacation life.


Wash Your Hands

It can be inconvenient while travelling to wash your hands frequently. But doing so is one of the best ways to prevent illness. If you find that restrooms on the road have no soap or towels like I did, rest assured that you can use hand sanitizer. And be sure that everyone else travelling with you does too.

Sanitize Surfaces

When I get on a plane, the first thing I do at my seat is wash off the armrests and the tray table. I once saw a lady change her baby’s diaper on the try table and I never forget that image! So, Covid or not, clean the tray table. And disinfect items in your hotel room such as the door handles, bathroom faucets and remote. I bring Clorox wipes in a Ziploc bag for this purpose. But you can be a little classier about it with these wipes from Amazon.

In closing, I want to say that covid is all around us. We are going to have to learn to live with it. It may be a few years before we are through this pandemic. I look forward to hearing your tips for staying well on the road in the comments,

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