3 Holistic Life Tips for Improving Your Performance at Work

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We all want to perform at our peak in the office. Whether to gain the reputation of a diligent and valuable employee, or, in the case of entrepreneurs — to create a business that can overcome all challenges, rise beyond the competition, and be highly profitable and worthwhile. It is important to think about ways to bring your A game each and every day.

To that end, thousands of books have been written covering the best tips for workplace productivity, discipline, habit management, and all of the rest. But one thing that many of these tips and suggestions forget, or miss out on, is the fact that various facets of your lifestyle outside of the office will significantly impact your ability to remain maximally productive at work.

On that note, here are some holistic life tips for improving your performance at work.

Get off the electronic devices when you’re not working, and limit social media use


There are many tremendous benefits to much of the technology we enjoy in the current day and age, but there are plenty of significant downsides to be worried about, too.

Author Adam Alter has written quite extensively about the intrinsic addictiveness of much of social media and modern digital life, in his book “Irresistible”, and another author, Nicholas Carr, has published a book called “The Shallows”, which looks at the way the internet impacts our consciousness.

To make a long story short, social media tends to be naturally manipulative by design, causes anxiety and weariness, and is usually a time-sink where endless hours may be lost fruitlessly.

Spending too much time online — or perhaps, in front of screens in general — appears to reduce attention span, among other things.

Simply reducing the amount of time you spend in cyberspace when not working, might significantly boost your wellbeing and mental acuity, making you more effective in the office.

Adopt morning and nightly rituals to “bookend” the day

One of the common features of many of the most productive and high-achieving individuals in history, is that they’ve relied on various positive rituals to help frame their days, structure their time, and organize their mental world.

One of the most effective of these types of habits is possibly the adoption of morning and nightly rituals to “bookend” the day, in a way that makes other positive habits easier to carry out, if not inevitable.

For example — beginning each day with a quick calisthenic workout and a meditation session will simultaneously help to invigorate the body and focus the mind. A great place to be when productivity is your goal. A good nightly ritual might include lighting a candle, putting on some ambient music, and reading an interesting book, to wind down for a restful night’s sleep — while also learning something, simultaneously.

Investigate naturopathic and traditional remedies to regulate your mood

Sometimes, we all struggle with mood and energy issues which don’t appear to have any obvious connection to a physical ailment. Some people, nonetheless, get on prescription drugs for these largely mysterious maladies, but these often come with side effects, and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Naturopathic and traditional remedies, such as acupuncture, may be a godsend in their ability to help improve your vitality in subtle ways, without relying on powerful drugs in order to achieve their effects.

Last updated on April 1, 2023


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