How To Get Free Exposure For Your Business

Exposure is usually a word people view with negative connotations. When you’re exposed, it means you’re out there in the open for everyone to see. In a business sense, this is absolutely perfect as it means all eyes are on you! All business owners need to be thinking of innovative ways to gain more exposure for their company, as it helps promote your brand.

Naturally, there are so many ideas out there to thrust your company into the spotlight. There’s just one issue; they tend to cost lots of money. So, keeping that in mind, here’s how you can get plenty of exposure for your business while barely spending a penny in the process:

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Submit A Press Release To Media Outlets

Now, this is genuinely a free idea as you don’t have to spend any money at all. Get someone in your team to write up a press release, then submit it to media outlets. From here, they will write an article on your press release, which exposes your brand to their entire audience. If you can get your business in local or national papers/websites, then you’ll be seen by so many of your target market. The key is to ensure your press release is professional and talks about something newsworthy. New product releases, success stories, or sponsorships are a few good examples.


Hand Out Promotional Items To Staff & Clients

This is a tried and tested method that creates more brand exposure and barely costs anything. The only thing you pay for is the cost of purchasing your promo items, other than that, all the publicity is free. Essentially, you hand out products to your staff and clients that they can use on a daily basis – displaying your brand to everyone nearby. Promotional mugs are an extremely popular option. People use mugs all the time, so you’ll get loads of exposure out of them. Things like stationery and tote bags are also very popular as well. Your clients and employees don’t get paid to advertise your business using these promotional items, which is why this method is so cost-effective!

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Wear Staff Uniforms

Lastly, you should get a professional uniform created for you and your staff to wear during business hours. Retail companies find this the easiest thing to do as they’re more accustomed to working in actual uniforms. Office-based businesses rarely do this so you could be missing out. Even if it’s a branded suit shirt or blazer, you’re still getting your business out there in the public eye. Again, you have to pay for the initial manufacturing costs, but the actual exposure is free. Whenever you and your team go out for lunch or travel to/from work, your uniform will be seen by members of the public. They notice the brand logo and name, and this exposes you to a wide audience!

The point of this post is to prove that you don’t need to pay for expensive marketing/advertising campaigns to gain exposure for your business. Yes, it’s beneficial to do this, but what if you’re working on a limited budget? For small companies just starting out, the above options are highly cost-efficient and very effective.
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