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Three Gifts to Give Yourself for the Holidays

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The holidays are a busy time. We all have a lot to do to prepare and celebrate. But we need to take some time for wellness each day. In order to face the holidays with a balance of mind and body health, follow these tips.

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It seems simple and it is nothing new. But keeping hydrated is a key to staying well because it flushes the toxins from your system. Water is the first choice for a beverage but green tea and decaffeinated coffee are also good. If you really want to prevent illness, add some Emergen-C. 


If you are already a regular exerciser, keep it up. But if you are not, the holidays are a great time to start. Walking or riding a bike for thirty minutes each day helps with burning calories but also improves your mental well being. Adding flexibility to your workout such as yoga and some light weights for strength training are also key to keeping in shape physically and mentally. The time I spend on my yoga mat is vital to my mental focus during the holidays.

Get a Massage

I have learned after many holiday seasons that a little balance is the best gift I can give myself. All the decorating, baking, shopping and wrapping are not good for my back. After throwing out my back once in January and missing a few days of work, I realized that I had to prevent it. Now I get a massage in December. It seems indulgent but it prevents health issues and pain later.

Follow these tips and enjoy your holidays this year. Your family is counting you and you deserve good health. Take time for yourself  - it's a gift.


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11 thoughts on “Three Gifts to Give Yourself for the Holidays
  1. I think that this is a great post. It’s so important to take time and look after yourself. I love being able to relax. It’s really good having the time to do that over the Christmas break. Especially since it can be overwhelming!

  2. i’m in desperate need of a massage!! And I make such a conscious effort to stay hydrated but still struggle! these tips are brill and i couldn’t agree with them more! great post!

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