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Prepare for Cold and Flu Season #WellnessYourWay #MyMagazineSharing #FreeSamp

Fall is here — which means the start of cold and flu season. To prepare,  you’ll want to stock up on essentials to help you and your family stay well. It’s all part of Wellness Your Way. From food and nutrition to medications, expert advice and special savings, it’s the Kroger Co. Family of Stores’ goal to do everything it can to help you live well.

#WellnessYourWay #MyMagazineSharing #FreeSamp

The Kroger Co. Family of Stores is your one-stop shop for health and wellness needs — from nutritious foods and comforting favorites to medicine and more.


Essentials for Cold and Flu Season


Looking for a warm way to ward off your cold and flu symptoms? Theraflu now offers PowerPods that can be brewed right in your single-serve coffee maker! Learn more here.

Breathe Right® Nasal Strips

Effective. Drug-free. Easy-to-apply. Breathe Right® Original nasal strips relieve snoring and nighttime nasal congestion due to colds and allergies for adults and kids. You can get your free sample here.

Emergen-C Immune+ with Vitamin D

Emergen-C Immune+® supports your immune system with the key nutrients your body needs, plus Vitamin D and Zinc*. Even more, every Emergen-C Immune+ support formula is packed with Vitamin C.*

Simple Truth Organic™ Moisturizing Lip Balm

Made with moisture-sealing beeswax and a hydrating blend of sunflower oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter and vitamin E, Simple Truth Organic™ Lip Balm helps keep your lips feeling soft, silky and kissable smooth. Lip balm is a winter staple in my family and this one is a favorite.

Recipe for Chicken Soup

Nothing makes you feel better like a bowl of steaming hot homemade soup. You may have a family recipe for chicken soup but if you don't try this one from the Food Network. Be sure and stop at Kroger for all the ingredients.

Wellness Your Way

Through Wellness Your Way, you can find healthy tips, recipes and expert advice to help you make smart choices when you shop. It’s all about giving you the tools to start living better, every day.

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