The Link Between a Stocked Pantry and a Happy Business

In the world of business, we often talk about how to make our clients happier, how to make more sales, how to convert more leads and other money-related forward-thinking conversations. However, very little is ever spoken about how to make our workplace happier and the necessary behaviors and attitudes to take in order to recruit and retain employees and keep them performing at their best.

So in this article, we’re going to take a slightly different approach. We’re going to talk about how something as simple as a stocked pantry can have a drastic effect on your employees and their happiness.


It shows that you’re organized


Keeping a stocked pantry means that you’re constantly refilling it and on top of your financial situation. It shows that you’re an organised leader and that you’re able to do something consistently for a long period of time. These traits carry over into the workplace. Lead by example.

It shows that you care about your employees


Giving your employees coffee delivery details and stocking up the pantry with snacks shows that you care about them. It shows that you think about their well-being and comfort at work and it inspires confidence in you.


It gives them fuel to continue their work


Be it caffeine to keep them awake and alert or protein bars to give them a quick snack before lunch, a stocked pantry can help your employees work hard and stay focused without getting distracted. You also get to choose healthy snacks to stock in the pantry so that your employees can stay focused and healthy while they work. Rather than leaving the office for long lunches and extended coffee breaks, employees can stay right in the office, take a break from their work and get a refreshment.


It provides them with a meeting spot


Your staff kitchen is a great meeting spot to discuss ideas over a cup of coffee. If your pantry isn’t stocked, it’s rather pointless to meet in the staff kitchen! A staff kitchen is a fantastic place for getting the team together, celebrating with your employees or even just chatting and discussing ideas.


It gives meaning to their breaks


Breaks are often a little meaningless in an unorganized office. Breaks should give you time to relax and refuel, but many offices consider breaks as a time to sit at your desk and do nothing because there’s either no stocked pantry to help them refuel, or there are no nearby stores which they could visit. A quick walk to the break room or kitchen is healthy because it gets people up and moving around. As they say, sitting is the new smoking.


It’s an inexpensive way to keep employees in your office


Many employees leave their office during a break to get food or coffee outside. This is often fine, but it also means that they could be late coming back or distracted when they return. By keeping a stocked pantry, you convince your employees to stay in the office so they can continue to be productive while they’re enjoying a snack and some coffee.


So to conclude, a stocked pantry has many advantages for your business that you’ve probably not thought of. If something as simple as keeping a stocked pantry can have such positive effects on your business, imagine what your business could achieve if it was more organized and focused.


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