Success Starts With The Pre-Launch

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The news is filled with the names of products that managed to sell out within a few days or even hours of their launch. From latest fashion items to high tech devices – the latest iPhone model, for instance, sold out in a few hours in the Apple store of Santa Fe, Mexico City in September 2018. There is undeniably a brand effect to take into account. Some customers never fail to buy the latest product by their favorite brand.


However, successful sales are not only the result of a well-established brand reputation. Even new and unknown companies can manage to launch a product so successfully that it sells out almost immediately too. Their secret is extensive pre-launch prep. Indeed, if you want your product to break the market, you need to ensure that there is already demand for it. And the best way to do so is to create the demand you need to succeed with a terrific pre-launch campaign.

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Launch countdown


No research, no launch

First and foremost, a new product is about targeting a new market for your offering. If you want your customers to respond positively, your priority is to launch something that captures your target audience. There’s no secret recipe here; analysis and research lead the way to success. If you’re launching a brand new product, you should review how the market reacts to similar products from your competitors. If you’re launching an additional product, make sure to analyze how it compares to the rest of your offering. Ultimately, the key is to define the USP in relation to your audience for each of your products. From understanding what people need to why they should buy your products over competitors, you can’t afford to leave any aspect of the launch unattended.


The big tease

Nothing says ‘exciting products,’ like a launch teaser! Everybody likes a good countdown to get enthusiastic about something new and unexpected. If you’re not sure where to start, you can take a look at some of the best teaser campaigns of 2018. Olympus, for instance, started an emotive campaign for its next camera, offering a product as revolutionary as their audience. OnePlus launched their new phone by creating a big reveal moment ‘It’s almost there,’ keeping their audience on the edge of their seats! Using similar principles, your teaser campaign has to hit the same emotions – make sure to use quality email marketing software to build something your target can’t take their eyes off. Your teaser campaign is all about building up interest and curiosity.



Let people buy before it’s there

Last, but not least, what is a pre-launch without a pre-order website? Proposing future customers to pre-order your product is the natural extension of the teaser excitement. The teaser builds a community around the launch date. You want to thank your community by giving them the opportunity to order the product before everyone else. As pre-orders are the main ingredient of a sold-out launch scenario; you need to pay close attention to the design of your order and payment pages. Making it work for them will drive your brand forward.

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Offer a pre-order site


Your pre-launch strategy starts months before the actual launch date. Based on your research, you have to build an irresistible teaser campaign and a powerful pre-order site. The success of your product begins long before it’s out on the market!


Last updated on October 27, 2019


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