Startups 101: Learn To Look After Yourself

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Starting any sort of business will consume you physically, mentally and emotionally. While you are handing in your notice and waving goodbye to the nine to five, chances are that you will be saying hello to longer hours and a more stressful work situation, at least in the short term. While you will now be following your business dreams and working for yourself, you also won’t know where your next paycheck is coming from, and your financial situation will be a lot less certain. Heightened levels of stress can lead to poor health, which is why it’s more important than ever to take care of your well being. Take a look at how you can look after yourself in your early startup days.

Keep Your Routine

Just because you are swimming in business plans, financial forecasts, and marketing strategies doesn’t mean you should forego your health routines. Make sure you still visit your dentist every six months, have your annual check up with your doctor and you still visit the chiropractor to adjust the niggle in your neck every six weeks. If you begin to let these routines slip, you will find yourself suffering more physical ailments, meaning that you won’t be on tip-top form to carry out the most basic of business functions. Ensure that you maintain some sense of normality, keep to your sleep schedule and always listen to your body.

Eat Well

It’s more important than ever that you maintain a nutritionally balanced diet. It’s all too tempting when working late at the office on an important pitch to a bank manager or business angel, to order carryout. While convenient, this food will be high in fats, sugar, and calories. Instead, cook healthier meals with more vegetables, whole grains, and slow release carbs. Prepare extra portions and bring leftovers to work. You will feel less sluggish, more alert and more able to tackle challenges head on. When you are honing your business vision, you might even forget to eat. At the very least, you should have an abundant supply of healthy snacks, like nuts, dried fruit, and bananas rather than a drawer full of candy bars.


Stay Active

Sitting behind a desk all day can lead to a more sedentary lifestyle. Your waistline may steadily increase, and your mental well being may take a hit. To lift your mood, make sure you head outdoors for at least thirty minutes every day. Dopamine, the happy hormone will be released, and with a brisk walk, you can raise your endorphins and have a cardiovascular workout. While it’s not a two hour stint at the gym, it is physical activity. It’s vital that you carve out some time during your week for personal endeavors. Becoming a workaholic is too extreme and will only result in burnout and the failure of your business. You must ensure that you create a balance between your home and work life to stay healthy.

Beginning a startup venture should be the most exciting time of your life. By keeping yourself healthy, you will be able to overcome barriers more easily and see your business go from strength to strength.


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