How To Be A Friend In The Digital Age

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Nowadays, people use social media to communicate. Some say that it is overused. In many cases we have forgotten how to communicate face to face and even more importantly, we have forgotten how to be a friend. Here are three tips for how to be a good friend in the digital age.


Have Texting Accountability

Texting is a convenient, quick way to communicate. But it can not substitute for face to face communication. Another drawback is that contributes to a lack of accountability. An example of this lack of accountability is a recent exchange I had with a friend. We set up a date and time to walk. The morning of the walk date, I texted her and asked if she still wanted to walk and she never responded. This leads me to wonder if she had other plans, or if she did not see the text? Ignoring texts from a friend is not a good way to show you care.

Watch Facebook Check-ins

While Facebook is a great way to keep up with what friends and family are doing, it can also lead to hurt feelings. I encountered an example of inconsiderate Facebook check-ins recently. I had asked a friend if she wanted to do something on a Friday night and she said she was going to stay home and rest from a recent business trip. Later that night she checked in at a nearby restaurant with one of my other friends and posted a bunch of photos. Needless to say, my feelings were hurt.

Show Compassion

As mentioned above, social media is not a substitute for real, live in-person interaction with your friend. If a friend texts you – whether in a group or privately – with a request to get together for coffee, that friend wants and needs to see you. My daughter once texted a group of friends and asked if anyone wanted to go out for coffee and no one responded. Obviously she needed some in person conversation. Ignoring someone’s request to get together in a group setting is not only rude, it is a form of bullying.

So, next time a friend asks you to get together, realize that they want to see you. Respond right away and let them know when you are available. Try to accommodate their request as soon as you are able. If you don’t, you run the risk of losing your friend. In order to have friends, you have to be a friend.

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  1. Millie

    I love this. It’s hard for people growing up in a digital age learn how to build relationships and it’s hard for us who our prior to the digital age to know how to continue on with our relationship so this gave quite a few good tips!

  2. Wishing we could go back to a time before social media communication! There’s so much that can be heard through someone’s voice that isn’t heard in text. I tried to get rid of Facebook but I’m now realizing I’m losing social connections because of it. 🤦‍♀️

  3. Good advice! Social media’s definitely needs rules for etiquette. I wrote a similar blog post about phone addiction and how it’s hurtful to relationships as well. For me it started about 15 years, I went to a party, right after smart phones became popular, and all of a sudden 100% of people were on the phone and not interacting with each other! Even at a young age I was so saddened by technology and I knew nothing would be the same again. If interested, here is the post I wrote:
    Are we using our Phone or is it using us?? Addiction or Necessity? Let’s find a balance!:

    Teri –

  4. April

    This is really great information to share for all ages!! I have friends that I’ve had for 20 yrs and while I’m normally always good at responding to others, so many people are not and it comes across as rude. I know we get busy but we all know if it matters you’d make sure to respond at least within a reasonable time frame.

  5. Teresa Lynn Jeffris

    This is great! I can get caught up with social media, but I’m an introvert and face to face can be hard for me.

  6. Georgina

    Great post! Thanks for this excellent reminder on how to be a friend in this age of social media… it’s especially hurtful when kids are affected eg facing public rejection on social media.. that’s so painful!

    I hope we’ll all learn to better friends esp on social media

    Georgina |

  7. Georgina

    Beautiful post! It’s especially hurtful for kids to face rejection on social media, and it affects them greatly! I hope we can all learn to be better friends even in this age of social media

    Georgina |

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