Smart Parent’s Guide to Back to School Tasks

August is a great time to get the numerous tasks for Back to School done. While you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer, you can schedule appointments, get supplies ordered and get a head start on meal prep. Sound like too much work? Not if you follow my easy steps to working smarter not harder.


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Take the Kids to the Dentist

Get cleanings, x-rays and fillings taken care of now while everyone else is at the pool. The dental offices are not as busy and you can check these tasks off your list. You can even get a head start on a better smile by making their orthodontist appointment now. Good health starts with clean, healthy teeth so be sure to add a trip to the dentist to your back to school tasks.

Get Vision Care

When was the last time you had your kids’ eyes checked? With school starting, you will want to be sure everyone is up to date with vision exams and prescriptions for contacts and eye glasses. Research your vision benefits in advance. I learned that my son is eligible for a complete set of glasses right now because he is under 18. I was planning to get his glasses fixed because he stepped on them, but when I learned he had coverage for another pair plus his prescription changed, I felt like I had hit the jackpot. I also ordered both of my kids a full year of contact lenses because they had coverage for part of the cost and the rebates were so great from the contact lens provider. The $200 in gift cards coming soon to my mailbox will come in handy for holiday shopping.

Order School Supplies Online

Trust, me everyone else is doing it so you should too. By the time you get stuck in traffic, forget your list, find out the store is out of one of your items and wait in a long line, you could be enjoying an iced coffee on your patio and getting this shopping business done. If you do not know where to start, I recommend that you sign up for Shipt. For a low annual fee, you can get the Shipt service and shop from your phone, tablet or laptop anywhere at any time. Delivery varies by location and my experience has been that it takes about two hours to get my order. Retailers such as Target and Meijer use Shipt and it gets better every time I use it. My past preferences are saved so I do not have to search for items. From office supplies to toiletries to groceries, find it all and get it all delivered with Shipt.


Teachers and crafters, be sure and take advantage of Back to School Savings on Cricut. From supplies to the Explore Air 2, get everything you need by shopping with my link.

Get Ahead of Meal Prep

I try to get a healthy meal on the table every night. I have found a few short cuts that work very well for us. One of them is to cook once and eat twice. I make two casseroles such as baked ziti and freeze one. If I am grilling chicken, I grill twice as much and we eat it the next night in a wrap or on a salad. My kids were raised on leftovers and actually prefer them for a quick lunch or if I am at work and they need dinner on the fly. But on the nights that we don’t have a meal prepped, I rely on home delivery services such as Home Bistro. Get healthy, chef-cooked meals delivered right to your door and prepare them faster than you can order takeout.

Order Clothing and Shoes Online

From jeans to t-shirts to sweatshirts, find everything you need at Levi’s. I just ordered some clothing from Levi’s for my kids. The shipment came in a couple of days. They are happy and I am happy. End of story. What more can I say? Make your life easy.

I am looking forward to your comments on how you save time and money on Back to School tasks. Have a great rest of the summer!

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