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Your staff are the lifeblood of your firm. This is quite easy to realize. Without people embodying the roles you have designed, your firm won’t get so far. Shortsighted bosses often view their staff as replaceable instead of tangible assets and of course, more importantly, humans. Wise bosses understand the value of the individual, and how staff goodwill can help make or break a firm. Of course, there are the obvious parameters that are relatively unquestionable. We know that staff need to feel valued with a good salary or fair hourly pay, and a competitive benefits package. We know they need to be trained and be given enough work to stimulate them but not too much work to make them stressed and incapable of developing their best efforts.

But little is put into the idea of true goodwill. This is where a staff member could remain a lifelong and loyal employee of your company, or perhaps someone who leaves after training, taking your invested knowledge and skills with them. With the following advice, goodwill should abound in your firm.

The ‘Family’ Mindset

It can be very wise to bring that ‘office family’ ideal to your place of work. Of course, in massive firms, this might be a little lost. But in small to medium size businesses, it can absolutely take shape in the best manner possible. You might decide to praise your employees when they conduct great work, such as fulfilling a large order on time and with zero mistakes. Investing in fun team-building activities such as corporate-designed escaped rooms and simple sporting efforts can help people come together. Ensuring everyone is on a first-name basis, and that you also have a zero tolerance for bullying or any form of intentional negativity can be worthwhile.

Of course, forcing people to be friends is out of the question. It’s also impossible even if it was somehow ethical, which of course it isn’t. However, treating your staff well, giving them the space to work and socialize and keeping a jovial atmosphere in the face of challenge can often lend itself to the family mindset, and that’s where teams can be the most unified and communicative.


The Essentials

It’s absolutely essential to treat your staff uniformly. That is, do not play favorites. But also look after them well. Consider their most basic needs for employment – a working atmosphere conducive to good work, and reliable, accurate, agreed-upon recompense for their work. This is where a solid firm that handles PEO payroll nearby is essential, especially if they can bundle together your HR and payroll responsibilities. This ensures a standard reliable safety net that all of your employees will likely appreciate, and better yet, not even have to think about.


It can be quite frustrating as an employee when your expert opinion is completely disregarded due to a shallow or surface reason. It can also be frustrating when your opinion isn’t asked at all. Remember, your staff are more than automatons. Allowing them to contribute ideas, or to collate the ideas of their team can help your firm take on its own vitality, and while you may not accept every collaborative idea, ensuring staff know that the cream always rises to the top will help them feel a sense of fairness about your firm, and more importantly, know that they are valued.

With these tips, you’re sure to retain staff goodwill, always.

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