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Creativity unbound can be an exciting prospect. It can often create some of the best and most interesting art, or the most pressing and important visions that cannot be expressed through mere brevity. However, there’s often no real creativity without discipline. For example, we look at the roof of the Sistine Chapel, and we think of how Michaelangelo’s crowning achievement is timeless and beautiful. We think he managed to do that in one fell swoop, as if the angels were speaking through his brush. But in reality, it took dedication, discipline, and the ability to translate that beautiful work through his skill and talent for it to ever be the piece that the entirety of mankind can appreciate.


Of course, we may never operate on such grandiose terms. But we can find methods of providing more discipline to our creativity, to help us achieve that artistic goal or business project you’ve wanted to for some time.


With our advice, you should be able to do this, at least with much more reliability.


Set A Time



Simply setting a time can be the first battle you fight, and the first victory you win. Of course, we’re not suggesting one simple time to start painting, or writing, or whatever your creative interest is. We’re talking about a continual effort. Find which time you are at your most creative, and when you have free time to conduct your efforts. It might be at 7 am every morning, you feel your most fresh and ready to paint. It might be that at 11 pm at night, you hunch over your typewriter bursting with ideas. But what matters is keeping a solid time, if not each day then regularly throughout the week. This strict timeline can prevent you from wondering when you are to begin, and can help you make real, continual progress instead.


Manage Your Health


We often think of the drunk writer chain smoking cigarettes, or even with a drug problem in order to conduct their best work. While it is true that many fantastic artists have had a self-destructive streak, managing your health is often one of the best measures of helping your mind think more freely, with less pressure, and perhaps with the ability to reflect much more clearly. It might be that considering the use of hemp oil vs CBD oil could help give you health benefits and settle your anxiety before starting your process, or perhaps starting after a great nights sleep and very early morning jog. Manage your health well. You’ll likely notice a vast difference.


Don’t Force It


While discipline does have an element of ‘forcing yourself’ to do something about it, there’s a fine line between self-discipline and reliance and simply making yourself do something you aren’t interested in. Don’t force it. It won’t help. Try your best, but if you feel like it’s a chore, you hate it, or you’re starting to feel chained to your work, try something else, or try a new method, or, sometimes, take a break. This can help you retain your best creative attitude.


With these tips you are sure to provide confident discipline to your creativity on a daily basis.


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