Creative Degrees That Could Land You These High Paying Careers

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Traditionally it’s been thought that creative careers have little earning potential for those who chose them – think of the “starving artist” stereotype. However, it’s simply not the case at all, and as technology becomes ever present in our lives on a daily basis, the need for both technical and creative skills is more in demand than ever. If you’re currently at a crossroads in your career or are thinking of studying for a degree but aren’t sure what you should choose for the best chance of landing an enjoyable, but well-paid job, then in the post below we are sharing some of our top suggestions for some of the high-paying careers you could have with a creative degree.


Art Director:


Art directors are highly creative individuals who have a great eye for the visual aspects of branding and design. They can enjoy careers inside creative agencies where they’ll manage and work alongside the team who produces advertising and marketing campaigns such as copywriters and graphic designers. They will determine things like the layout, the elements that go into the design and oversee the full process so that they can ensure the finished product is consistent and of a high standard. Art directors can earn up to $85,000 per year for their skills and will typically study graphic design or photography to degree level.


Industrial Designer:



Industrial designers are, not only highly creative and visual people, but they have a talent for the technical side of things as well and can bring both elements of a project together beautifully, so this often sees them working in places like Mills CNC, and also being able to work with things like CAD to design everything from vehicles to toys, and pretty much everything in between.


Due to the highly skilled nature of this career, industrial designers are easily able to make at least $65,000 per year, and will be required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Industrial Design, or Engineering.


Technical Writer:


Technical writing is often viewed as the boring writing niche. However, due to the nature of the work, it’s one of the most stable, and highest paid out there, so if you’re someone who is able to understand and articulate technical jargon and translate it in a simple way, then this could be a great career path for you. Often you’ll work directly for a company, for a specialist agency, or even as a freelancer where you’ll write things like technical manuals for software, hardware, appliances, and other types of technical documentation. As a technical writer, you can expect to earn well over $60,000 per year. This profession will require a Bachelor’s degree in a subject like English or Communication, plus a working knowledge of engineering, computer science.


Hopefully this post has shown you that the old belief of either being creative or well paid, but not both is no longer true. There are more and more creative careers than ever, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one that suits you.


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Last updated on March 25, 2019


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