Renting Out A Room To The Commercial Sector For The First Time

Renting Out A Room To The Commercial Sector For The First Time

Find a corporate tenant that is financially sound and you will never have to worry about the rent being late. When you rent an office out, one of the biggest fears is that the tenant is going to be late with their rental payments or, even worse, they aren’t going to make the payments at all. There are numerous ways you can reduce the risk of this happening. 


When you are looking for the best commercial tenant, one of the most critical steps is to make sure that the company in question can afford their rental payments so you know that they will not let you down with future payments. You have to perform some due diligence in this regard.

You should make sure you get an insight into the company’s financials so you can be sure that they can pay the office rent. For example, you may want to see their past few bank statements to make sure they can pay you.

If the person is self-employed and they want to expand their business, you may be a bit worried about their cash flow situation. If the proof you want is not available, why not think about asking the tenant to pay six months at a time, instead of paying monthly?

You can also conduct a credit check on the company in question to make sure that they do not have a history of failing to pay their rental bills and so on. This can give you the peace of mind you need when renting out an office space to someone.


Choose A Website That Does Not Have Promoted Adverts

Once your property is prepared, you have considered the likes of air quality, which provides further info on, services, and more, you need to make sure that you effectively market the office that you have available. When it comes to doing this, you need to choose a website with care for your marketing efforts, and we have one key of advice when it comes to this. 

One thing you certainly need to do is make sure you do not choose a website that has promoted adverts. There are quite a lot of “rent a room websites” that have promoted adverts. This means they will push certain rooms to the top of the listings, thus giving them a better chance. As a result, advertisers with a bigger budget to spend will always come out on top. If you need to find a tenant quickly and you do not have a lot of money available for marketing, you are going to really struggle if you choose a website with promoted adverts. Instead, look for a website that operates a fair system whereby the adverts will appear feature in regards to how closely they match up with what the potential tenant has searched. So, if you fulfil the person’s criteria, you will be at the top of the listings. This means that all advertisers are going to have a fair chance of finding a tenant for their space. 

Last updated on July 29, 2021


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