How To Job Hunt During A Pandemic

How To Job Hunt During A Pandemic

Indeed, things have changed, and the new normal is here to stay. Therefore, the sooner you get proactive in your job search, the higher your chances of landing a job you will love. Statistics show that over 22 million Americans lost their jobs in 2020, making the job market more saturated than it’s ever been in decades. However, you should not sulk over your job loss. Instead, it is to see it as an opportunity to plot your career path. That said, here are some practical ways to job hunt in the COVID season. 

Search and apply for strategic positions

Fortunately, companies are still hiring, irrespective of the present situation. Even better, these hirings are not done on the low, as and Glassdoor continue to advertise vacancies. However, most of these advertised roles are strategic positions. For example, companies that rely on the digital space to attract customers prefer job applicants with a solid online background. 

Therefore, you will see vacancies publicizing online marketers and other roles of that nature. While you’re searching and applying for strategic positions, you should also be on the lookout for sites that announce halted recruitments. For instance, the Candor website makes it possible for job applicants to know which companies are hiring or not.

Use the opportunity to get additional education

You would be doing yourself a lot of good if you used the opportunity to acquire knowledge in a new area. The COVID season has made it imperative for more young people to consider careers in healthcare. Fortunately, it is such a broad area that there are opportunities for interested persons with the requisite credentials. For example, if you learn to offer health, fitness, and nutrition services, you stand a chance of starting a new career as a health coach.

However, you shouldn’t get into the profession simply because it pays more. Instead, get into it because you have the passion for offering the needed help as a health coach. It is not surprising that more people are changing career paths in this season. According to a 2020 Forbes survey, millions of people are considering a career change after COVID. Therefore, more than 40% of the unemployed market is currently back in school either remotely or on-site.

Network online

Fortunately, social media makes online networking more straightforward and convenient. Therefore, aim to get in touch with people who work in particular companies if you’re interested in working there. It is the easiest way to gain first-hand information about job prospects yet to be advertised.

According to experts, LinkedIn has better success rates regarding job search and applications than any other social media platform. Therefore, now is the time to sign up for a LinkedIn account if you don’t have one. Do not forget to leverage social media etiquette if you want others to take you seriously.

It is the new normal season, making it mandatory to change according to the times. The world continues to live in uncertain times, but that should not result in you becoming indecisive in your job search strategies. Although this is not an exhaustive list, hopefully, it will be helpful to you.


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