3 Ways to Improve Your Company Reputation Online

3 Ways to Improve Your Company Reputation Online

When you want to know anything, what is the first thing you do? Over 90% of people will automatically head to Google to find the answer to their queries. With this fact in mind, it is imperative that your brand hits the top of the search terms and does so with a good reputation.


How do you know what your brand reputation is online?

If it sounds like hard work to monitor your brand reputation, you are right. It can be time-consuming to be constantly monitoring what people are saying about you in each instance and across every site that your brand could be discussed.

Manage your online reputation by making sure you are using tools that can monitor every time your brand is mentioned online, be it on a review site, social media, or forum. You can then use this feedback to improve how your brand is perceived online or make sure you keep your reputation intact. In some cases, you can counteract bad feedback by replying as quickly as possible to all comments left if possible or using an online reputation management firm such as Reputation Defender to help you improve your online reputation.

How can you improve your reputation online?

Confirm your details

Having the correct details online, most specifically on your website, and keeping all details up to date will help you to build a good relationship with customers by making sure they know exactly where to find you and they can interact with your brand.


Make sure that you have a website and that website is properly maintained and is clean, easy to navigate, and has all the information people would expect to find as a minimum. Create bio pages if applicable for you and your employees and share what makes you a great team.

Content is King

Create informative and educational content that answers people’s queries and gives them informative information. The longer someone spends reading content on your website, the better it is for your online reputation and googles rankings. If someone doesn’t find what they need and instantly clicks away from your site, then it will be seen that maybe you aren’t an authority on this subject, and your rankings will be affected, and you will be pushed further from the top of the search results.

Popular social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter not only rank high in search results but are also excellent places to disseminate company news and content. If you do something newsworthy, make sure your customers are aware of it! Sharing recent press, upcoming events, or significant company announcements on social media is an excellent way to demonstrate that your company is active and relevant.

When working to improve your company’s reputation online, you must be proactive, and you are aware of what is happening and what is being said so you can react to this and work to make sure you are creating a positive brand impact times.

Bonus tip

Remember, even if you’re a digital-first or digital-only business, it’s advisable to work on your company’s reputation offline as well as online. Gains made here will usually crossover into the online world, where they can really spread.  

Even though many locations still have COVID19 restrictions in place, there is still much more scope for real-world networking. Make the most of them. In particular, be prepared to expand your horizons and try networking events that don’t look like an obvious fit for your business.  

While you’re there make a point of networking with people outside your normal social/professional group. You may think you have nothing in common with your local Chilly’s Bottles distributor but you might find yourself surprised if you actually talk to them. If it doesn’t work out, then just move on to the next event and try your luck there.

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