Practicing Self Care While Working from Home

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I have been working from home for about a year now. During the pandemic, I interviewed for and landed a new job in healthcare marketing. My daily routine includes lots of computer time, video and voice calls, texting and way too much sitting. When I started this work from home job, I quickly learned that I have to practice good self care. Here are my tips to help you practice self care for your own health and wellness.


Protect Your Eyes

Working on the computer and phone causes exposure to blue light. Scientists have linked blue light to a variety of health issues included insomnia and poor eye health. I can not reduce my screen time, because of my work but I can protect myself with glasses like these by Madison Avenue. I wear them a few hours per day and also when I check my phone before I go to bed.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Moisturize Your Nails and Cuticles

My nails and cuticles are in need of some tender loving care. They tend to get dry and flaky and then I pick at them which causes them to look and feel bad. When Nailak approached me about doing some influencer marketing for this cuticle oil, I quickly said yes. Their cuticle oil is fantastic. I put it on about twice per day while I am on calls and it is really helping. Please use my code CarleyCreativeConcepts when you order to get 50% off at this link.

Nailak Cuticle and Nail Oil

Get Moving

As I said, working from home involves way too much sitting. Be sure you schedule time in your calendar to get up and move. The frequency and duration depends on you but you have to do it. I try to take a walk in the morning before on log on and then around lunch time as a minimum.

Once you have a schedule that includes good self care and frequent breaks, you will find that you are more productive and less stressed. Remember to set boundaries and follow these tips. I hope you use the comments section to share your tips and tricks.


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  1. Really useful reminders here to take care of ourselves while we work from home. I know I don’t look after my eyes so have to make sure I do that. As a glasses wearer, I can’t swap them out for blue light ones unless they have my prescription (I will look into this as maybe there is something). Lovely advice — thank you for sharing!

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