Keeping Yourself Healthy Is Good For Business

It takes a lot of energy and stamina to run a business. From the long hours to the challenges that crop up along the way, you can easily find yourself feeling a little run down in the process. But being healthy is essential to your business, so here’s how to keep yourself in top form through this often stressful and challenging time.


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Drink Plenty Of Water

Good old H2O is always accessible. It can actually help keep your energy levels raised and will constantly flush out any bad toxins in the body. Find a sober living home if you are at a point where reducing or eliminating the amount of alcohol you drink makes sense. It can be tempting to overdo alcohol consumption as a ‘treat’ for working long hours and having a large workload to handle. This is only going to hurt your immune system and increase the likelihood of you getting ill. So drink plenty of water, at least 1.5 liters a day so that your body is getting all that it needs to function properly. And get help if you need it for substance abuse.

Keep Active


Exercise is always good for the body, and as you’ll likely be spending a lot of your time sitting down in meetings or at a desk, it’s good to utilize some of that spare time, exercising. If you’re limited on time, then get creative with exercise during working hours, have walking meetings, ditch your office chair and perhaps opt for a standing desk. Take a walk during your workday and make sure you get enough breaks, just to step away from your desk to stretch your legs.

Cut Out The Caffeine

Yes, it’s great for when you need that boost in the morning but several coffees or caffeine intakes through the day,  is actually harmful to your health, especially your heart. If you are a big coffee or energy drink consumer, then try and cut down your intake as much as possible. Opt for just one coffee in the morning and try to drink herbal tea throughout the day so that you don’t replace your caffeine crash with another bout of caffeine. This drug can mildly increase your heart rate so there’s always the risk that it can have an impact on your heart. Be especially wary if your family has a history of heart conditions, it might be better just to cut it out altogether.

Get Plenty Of Rest

You may be working insane hours to run your business, but that shouldn’t mean that it eats into your rest. You should be getting at least seven hours of sleep per night so that your body can repair itself from the daily grind of life. Don’t deny yourself sleep because working while your exhausted isn’t productive and you’ll only end up making yourself sick. Keep work out of the bedroom and switch off all your devices when you get into bed. Your bedroom is a sanctuary from technology and removing it will help you get to sleep faster.

Take these steps to keep yourself fit and healthy in order to maximize your business’ potential for the future.

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  1. Amanda

    I really need to cut out the caffeine! I am upping my water intake like crazy lately though. Thanks for these tips to try to cut the caffeine!

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