3 Unconventional Ways to Establish Yourself a Career in Business

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Everyone is more or less familiar with the “mainstream” ways of forging a career in business. There’s plenty of focused, and specific, education involved – a good amount of time spent developing yourself in a given role, and then looking for better offers from the competitors, and so on.


But what if you’re not really the kind of person who “does things by the book” so to speak?


Are there ways of making a fortune for yourself in business, without attending business college – and benefiting from all the perks that come from that experience? What if, for example, you’ve spent years of your adult life roaming around more or less aimlessly? Is there a way that you can turn that situation into a career in business?


Well, here are a few examples of slightly “unconventional” ways of beginning a career in business, to help you answer that question.



Start-up an entrepreneurial venture, or side hustle – it doesn’t matter what the subject is


The first “unconventional” tip for getting yourself into the world of business, is to start up an entrepreneurial venture, or side hustle. But what should the subject of this particular side hustle or venture be?


The simple truth, is that it doesn’t really matter.


Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comics, has written in his autobiography “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still When Big”, that he believes having a side hustle, in general, is essential for anyone who wants to achieve success in life.


The reasons Adams lists for this are numerous. Basically, though, it boils down to the fact that when you start up a side hustle, you open the door to opportunity while simultaneously developing and deepening your skill set, and identifying new nuanced areas where you might be able to leverage your abilities and insights.


After a few “side hustle” ventures, anyone can become an entrepreneur.


Get a job in a company that you find interesting – and see how far you can work up the hierarchy


You don’t hear stories of the conventional “climbing the company ladder” thing so much, these days. To some degree, this is because it has unfortunately become harder to do.


Nonetheless, though, there are plentiful tales out there of people in the current day and age who have nonetheless stumbled into some basic job they initially didn’t take seriously – only to see their hard work paying off in the form of a burgeoning career, as they climbed up the company ladder.


If you are short on skills, short on inspiration, but have identified a company that you find interesting and meaningful – try to get a basic, entry-level job there, doing anything. You may be able to climb the company ladder with diligence and hard work.


Do an audit of your existing skill set and experience, and see how you can “massage” it into a new direction


More and more people these days are becoming self-employed entrepreneurs.


To outside observers, this might seem like a dream vision of a life that is beyond their reach. Often, this notion of impossibility is fueled by the idea that you need a special skill set to become self-employed.


The truth, though, is that all it takes to begin is to do an audit of your existing skill set and experience, and to see how you can “massage” those things in a new direction.


Maybe you know about the cosmetics industry. Maybe you do a bit of writing as a hobby. How could those become a freelance business? Easy. Start to set yourself up as a writer, and thought leader, in the cosmetics niche.

Last updated on July 20, 2023


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