How To Win Government Contracts And Boost Your Business Revenue


Most entrepreneurs are obsessed with the idea of winning private customers. But, most often, the biggest contracts come from large institutions with a lot of money that want to solve the hardest problems. And that includes the government. 


Granted, not all garden-variety companies will ever sell to a government department. But if you are in the right industry, there is a good chance that one day you will work with some federal agency, somewhere in the system, and you’ll have an opportunity to make a substantial sum of money from it. 

But how do you win these kinds of clients? That’s the question we ask in this post. We take a look at how to get big government contracts and secure your company’s future. 

Do Your Research

The first step, as always, is to do your research. Find out everything you need to know about working with government agencies in your niche. Understand your role, the requirements, and how working with officials is different from regular customers. If you’re working with some departments, like the DOD, you may also have to meet specialist contractor and security requirements. These prevent issues that could breach national security. 

Build Relationships

The next step is to form close relationships with various government officials and get to know decision-makers personally. Attend any events, workshops, or webinars organized for people in your industry and get your foot in the door. Building relationships will make it easier for you to secure contracts in the future and get your applications seen. Having people who know you and understand what you do makes it more likely proper decision-making will occur, and that awards will flow in your direction more often. 


Prepare A Winning Proposal

After you’ve done that, you’ll need to prepare a winning proposal. Officials must follow a strict protocol when awarding contracts to ensure the process is fair and unbiased. Contractors cannot and should not win contracts if their proposals are not in the best interest of the country and the wider public. 

Therefore, ensure you write your proposal professionally and work with experts who understand how to make it stand out. Talk about how you can deliver and follow through on your goals, and provide supporting evidence as to why you can be significantly cheaper than rivals (if you’re trying to undercut them). 

Get The Proper Paperwork Sorted

After that, you’ll need to ensure you are compliant with government standards by filing the proper paperwork. For instance, if you are a freight company that needs a DOD performance bond for goods in transit, get one. These protect you in the event you’re unable to make a delivery for various internal and external reasons. You’ll also need to ensure your cybersecurity is at the right level for the types of contracts you want to fulfill, as a matter of national security priority

Negotiate And Deliver

Finally, remember to negotiate. Just because you’re working with the state, it doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to enhance the value you receive for yourself and your stakeholders. Look for ways to solve more problems and become a trusted contractor at the top of the pile.

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  1. Government contracts are great – the key is networking!! If you know someone in a position who can, unfortunately (because it’s literally lobbying), make decision, that is definitely to your benefit than just applying as someone anonymous. At least reframe it so that your company is known it can be trusted :).


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