How to Handle a Chronic Illness

There’s nothing enjoyable about any illness, but especially not an illness that can be considered chronic. It makes the small tasks of life a bit more difficult, and can seem like it’s put an end to your more ambitious plans altogether. However, living with an illness doesn’t mean that life has to cease being enjoyable entirely. If you manage your condition properly, then you could find that you can still all the things you used to do and more. Below, we take a look at four tips on how best to handle chronic illness.


Accept the Reality


Nothing good comes from dwelling on the past. While you might look over your shoulder to your healthy days, it’s important that you focus on the here and now, and the future. Of course, there’ll be a period where you feel down about the situation, that’s normal, but sooner rather than later you’ll want to dig deep and make the decision to move on with your life. You never know what will come from life if you have a positive attitude; if you have a negative attitude, where you’ll end up is guaranteed.


Find a Good Doctor


It’s important that you’re working with people you trust when you’re dealing with something that impacts you both physically and mentally. You don’t have to accept the first doctor you see as your long-term health provider. For starters, they might be very qualified to treat you – if it ever feels like you know more about your illness than they do, then it’s time to look elsewhere. There’s no shortage of options out there – stay patient, speak with various doctors, and you’ll eventually find one with whom you can have a long-term relationship.



Look for Solutions


The term chronic might mean that it’s constantly recurring, but that doesn’t have to be forever. Let’s not forget that outstanding progress is being made in the healthcare field all the time. It’s worthwhile keeping up to date with any developments in the research of your illness, and also seeing if there are any paid research studies available. You’ll be doing your part to ensure that a cure is more likely. This alone is one reason to stay hopeful: there is a long list of diseases and illnesses that were thought incurable which are now successfully treated all the time. Empowering yourself with knowledge can very therapeutic. 


Talk to Your Employer


Another difficult aspect of an illness is that it can affect your working life. You will need time off for doctor’s appointments. There’ll be times when you’re too ill to come into work, or just need fifteen minutes throughout the day to gather yourself. All of these things will be much easier to manage if you talk to your employer as soon as possible, and come to an arrangement. It can be intimidating but don’t forget that your boss is a human too. And in certain countries such as America, your employer is required to provide accommodations through the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Last updated on June 1, 2019


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