Have You Got What It Takes To Knock A Local Fitness Group Into Shape?

When you’re embarking on a fitness journey, nothing’s better than joining a local class. These can help with both your health and happiness. Knowing that you have a group behind you can also push you into sticking to your fitness goals. Anyone who’s tried to go it alone before will know how invaluable that can be. At the very least, exercising with others can make the journey a lot of fun.

That’s why it can come as a blow to find out that your local area doesn’t have any classes like these. Small towns, for example, often don’t have anything in place. That alone can put an end to your fitness efforts and those of your neighbors. Unless, of course, you take on the mantle of a local sporting or exercise group yourself.

There’s no denying that this can be a huge responsibility. It’s sure to take up a fair amount of your free time. But, it may well become a pastime you embrace and look forward to. All you need to do is consider whether you have the following necessary skills.


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Natural leadership

First, you need to ask whether you have natural leadership skills. No matter how casual you keep things, you’ll need to play leader during these sessions. Ask yourself whether you could cope with that. If you’re already in a position of power at work, you can bet you’ve already got access to the skills you need to make this work. Supervising employees is all about leadership and motivating those around you. Running any fitness group is the same. Only, the focus is on health, not workflow.

A knack for organization

If you’re going to run a group, you also need to have some organizational skills. You’ll have to arrange everything from meeting times to supplies like youth track uniforms or yoga mats. You’ll also need to arrange an ongoing physical base for meetings. All these things take proper planning and thought to come together. Again, your work experiences can help here. If you’re used to organizing work events, for example, this should be second nature. A love of methods like to-do lists and bullet journals could also see you getting your group into shape.

The determination to stick it out

Even if you have all the above in the bag, not being able to stick this journey out is a sure sign that it’s not for you. Instead, you need to consider whether you have what it takes to stand the test of time. Fitness is a process, after all, and you need to be in this for the long-run before you or your attendees see any results. Consider, then, how good you are at keeping up momentum on projects in both your personal and working life. If you start things and never finish them, you may well do the same with this. But, if you have perseverance, nothing’s stopping you putting that all-important advertisement in the local paper.


  1. Great post! I actually just signed up today for a local barre class at the college. It’s a small area, so the class selections are a little sparse. But I’m really excited to get out of my house and commit to a weekly class, and hopefully find some friends and a new passion along the way! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • admin

      I have not tried barre yet. Hope you enjoy your class! Thank you for commenting.

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