Get Healthy with Your Dog This Winter

Winter Dog Park

Winter is here in Michigan. Last year, the snowy season stretched on for months and we wondered when it would ever end. It is challenging not to feel depressed and lethargic during the long, dark winter months. But this year can be different. There are so many ways to stay healthy and spend quality time with your fur baby.



Getting outside and taking a walk with your pet is beneficial in so many ways. The sunshine helps your body to produce vitamin D and enhances your mood as well as your dog’s. The exercise releases endorphins which are feel good neurochemicals. For older people and pets, a little bit of exercise stimulates the appetite. It’s called a daily constitutional for a reason. Be sure to bundle up and keep moving.

Dog in Winter Coat

Fight Depression

Showing affection and caring for your pet is a great way to combat depression. Studies have shown the benefits that having a pet can have on your mental health. For many people, walking in the door at the end of a long day and being greeted by a furry friend is heart warming. Cuddles, kisses and snuggling by a warm fire are priceless.

Dog by the fireplace

Take your Dog on Errands

Many stores allow pets to shop with you. If you are headed to the mall, choose a pet-friendly one such as The Mall at Partridge Creek where you can shop and walk your dog at the pet-friendly stores. Do not leave your pet your car. Plan your errands with your pet to places that are OK with your bringing your furry friend along with you. Also, be sure to stop and let your dog rehydrate. Either bring your own water or take time to have your pet visit the water bowl that many stores leave outside their storefronts.

Dog in harness


You are never to old to have some fun. Buy your dog some fun toys and keep her active indoors this winter by building an obstacle course, playing catch or giving her treats that require a little challenge. In our house, we love to chase our dog around and keep her active. We build an obstacle course with bean bag chairs and furniture and have her jump and run around the course with us.


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Last updated on December 13, 2020


  1. My husband and I walk our dogs 4 times a day, even in rain (at least, he does most of the walking). They are very naughty and barky though so we can’t take them anywhere we’d like.

    Hannah the Mad Dog

  2. Our rescue dog has helped me be so much more active – she really rescued me. Great points in this post and encouragement for me to play with her more! 🙂

  3. Such good ideas! I live in a college dorm and I miss my pups back at home. Will have to play with them extra next time I see them!

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