Foot Care Mistakes We All Make

Our feet are so important. We use them every day. They take us where we need to go. They help us to stand straight and tall. Our feet support us, day in, day out. We expect them to look cute in sandals in the summer, and we need them to take the strain when we have a big day. But, most of us take them for granted. We assume that our feet will always be there for us, and while we might put them up occasionally after a long day, we don’t give any thought at all to caring for our feet to keep them strong and healthy.



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This means that most of us are making the same mistakes. Mistakes that could easily be avoided. Remember, if you want your feet to be able to carry you, you need to give them a little support and care from time to time. Let’s take a look at some of the foot care mistakes that you might be making and how to fix them.


Ignoring Them Completely


Ignoring your feet, and signs of a problem can be a massive mistake. If you’d got constant headaches or skin issues on another area of your body, you’d see your doctor. But, when your feet ache you just put it down to a busy day and ignore it.



If your feet are causing discomfort, are swollen or sore, or your skin is very hard and uncomfortable, you should find a foot & ankle specialist near by. After a long day on your feet, when your feet are tired and swollen, don’t just hope they are better in the morning. Remove your shoes and socks, and lie with them elevated for an hour to reduce swelling and ease discomfort.


Not Washing Them


Do you wash your feet in the shower? Or do you think that the soapy water falling on them will do the job? To an extent, it will, but a little bit of hot water dripping on them isn’t a substitute for a proper wash. Failing to wash your feet properly can lead to a build-up of dirt, causing dry flaky skin, a nasty smell and even infection. Give your feet a quick wash in the morning, making sure to get around your ankles and between your toes for healthy feet.


Being Too Severe with Dead Skin


Dead skin isn’t black and white. A little hard skin on your feet is totally normal, and not necessarily dead. Attacking this skin with a scraper to remove it completely can lead to very sore feet, and mean that your skin is unable to grow back. This can lead to long-term and permanent damage. Instead of trying to remove it, take good care of the skin on your feet by keeping it clean and moisturizing it every day to keep it soft. Massaging your feet can improve the circulation, and rubbing them with a body brush can remove the worst of the dead skin cells before it creates a problem.


The best way to look after your feet, much like the rest of you, is getting into the right routine. Give them a little attention every day, and they’ll be healthier and softer for a lot longer.

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  1. Arun Dahiya

    Agree so much with all the points you said above and many times guilty of it too. Thank you for this post.

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