Finding New Things to Do Together as a Family


Spending time together as a family is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Being surrounded by people who love you (even if you fight all the time!) is a great way to spend a day or an evening. And no matter the size of your family, those cozy nights together can be some of the happiest memories you have. 

However, you might just be running out of things to do right now! If you want to get as many people involved as possible, it’s hard to sit everyone down in front of a movie or head out to dinner. You’ve got to be a bit more creative! Here are some ideas for that. 

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Cook a Big Dinner

Cooking together is a lot of fun, even if there’s a lot of mess left over! As the adult you get to delegate out the jobs you don’t like to do, such as rubbing in butter or slicing up small bits of meat, and the kids get to try something new and then eat the end product. And we all look forward to getting something yummy! 

Try Out an All Levels Sport

If you’re an active family with a lot of energy, why not pick up a new sport together? Something you can play at all levels, so it doesn’t matter what ages want to get involved! Indeed, your own parents or even your grandparents could even give it a go with the best exercise equipment for seniors available. Now no one has to watch from the sidelines! 

Head Out on a Journey

Go out for a hike, pack a picnic and trail snacks, and spend a few hours in the great outdoors together. Or go down the beach with a cooler and your swimming equipment! As long as you’re all outside as a family and the weather is nice, you’ll have a lot of fun out there. 

Have a Water Balloon Fight

Speaking of nice weather, why not wait for the hotter days to roll in and then do some more backyard activities as a family? Water balloon or water gun fights are a top contender here. Not only do you get to cool down a bit, but it’s such fun to split into teams and see who can get the most shots. You can even put the kids on their own team and see how they do against you two parents! 

Pitch a Tent

Camping is a lot of fun for kids, who may not know anything about vacations other than hotels or resorts. But if they get to help pitch a tent in the middle of the woods, help build a fire under the supervision of their grandparents, and then roast some s’mores over the top of it, they’ll build up some great life skills as well! 

If you want to make some new memories as a family, try out some new things to do together! There’s lots of fun to be had out there. 


  1. Love this blog post and some of the ideas that you’ve come through of are great

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