Celebrating the New Normal Moments


For the past few months, I have been spending quality time with loved ones who I have not seen in months because of the pandemic. I am so grateful that I can share these celebrations with the people I love. My parents, my in-laws and my kids and husband are all now fully immunized which makes me very happy. I am journaling daily and hope to share thoughts and experiences about our return to the new normal world of work, family gatherings and school in my blog.


My Parents

I travelled to Florida in March and May to see my parents. We caught up on things that we just could not talk about on our Zoom and FaceTime calls. It was so nice to be able to dine out and go for long walks. It was tough not seeing them for birthdays and holidays as the months dragged on in lock down for fifteen months. But I treasure this time with them and am hoping to see them again in the Fall.

My Daughter

My daughter finally had her graduation ceremony from Kalamazoo College last weekend. It was wonderful to see her walk across the stage and get her diploma. Even though she has started graduate school in another state, it was much needed closure for her and her classmates. She and I were able to visit with her friends and catch up. We spent the night at The Radisson which was wonderful and had dinner the night before Commencement. The next day, we walked around campus and took photos with our new camera and enjoyed the gorgeous weather. After the ceremony, we had brunch with some her friends and their families. It felt so good to be with people again and celebrate. We had to leave campus so suddenly in March of 2020 when everything shut down. My heart was truly full that day and I will remember it always.

My Son

My son is home from his freshman year of college and taking a class online this summer. He and I are gardening together which we learned that we both love last summer. We raised a vegetable garden and reseeded our back yard. He tested positive for COVID this winter while on campus and spent two weeks in quarantine at school. While it was a difficult time for us all, he is fine now, and I value his perspective on getting back out into the world. It makes me happy that he is well now and we can spend time together.

With summer and good weather finally here, I am enjoying this time. I hope you can embrace the new normal and start to make your way back into the world and travel. Please share in the comments some of the things you are enjoying once again.

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  1. I’m very happy to read that your son is doing well after contracting Covid-19. That must have been very worrying at times! It sounds wonderful that you’ve been able to spend time with loved ones!

  2. Yes it is great to be able to see people again. In Europe, Covid is gaining again but fingers crossed no more lockdowns.

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