Body Positivity: The Dos and Donts

Body positivity is based on self love and accepting yourself in your many forms. Nobody’s body stays static. It changes as we age, as we lose and gain weight, and at various other stages in our lives. Only liking your body when it looks a certain way is a recipe for unhappiness and disaster! Below, we’ll talk you through the dos and don’ts of body positivity so you can feel happier and more confident day to day. You weren’t born to be miserable and dislike what you see in the mirror!


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Do Appreciate Your Body As It Is Now

Body positivity isn’t thinking that you’ll love your body after you’ve lost a few pounds or you look a certain way. It’s appreciating your body as it is right now. Really sit and think about all of the amazing things your body does for you, and you’ll quickly find things to be grateful for.


Don’t Shame Somebody Else’s Body

Shaming somebody else’s body will never make you feel better about your own. Plus, it makes you look like a jerk. Even if you’re only saying it to a friend, you may be triggering something inside of them that makes them feel bad about themselves. At the end of the day, everybody is on their own journey, and what they look like is not your business. Whether you’re saying they are too skinny or too fat, it’s shaming. Even praising somebody on their weight loss and saying they look great could be reinforcing an eating disorder that you don’t know about. Be mindful!

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Do Get Help To Fix Your Mindset

If you know your mindset is in an unhealthy place, get help to fix it. You can find therapists that specialize in this, and you could even look into a more specific mental health program if you know what you need help with. You can do a lot of work on fixing your mindset yourself, but there is no shame in getting help.


Don’t Say/Write Things That Could Be Triggering

Your words are powerful, so use them for good. Don’t talk badly about your body. It’s a fact that when moms talk badly about their bodies, their daughters grow up to be more body conscious. Even if you can’t see the problem in talking about yourself, just think of who you could be upsetting or teaching with your words. Even if you don’t feel confident in yourself right now, you can use positive self talk to coach yourself into feeling better.


Do Practice It Every Day

Body positivity doesn’t happen overnight. Give yourself compliments in the mirror every day!


Don’t Wear Things That Make You Feel Uncomfortable

Always wear clothes that you love, that make you feel comfortable and like your best self.


Do Keep Your Body Healthy

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your body healthy – healthy being the key word. Work out a little bit each day. Eat a balanced diet. Don’t go to extremes!


Don’t Consume Things That Are Bad For Your Self Image

Many things we see online are photoshopped or not as they seem. Do you really think the Kardashians use that laxative slimming tea? Watch what you consume out there!


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