4 Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Marketing Campaign

Outdoor marketing is more than just billboards and displays. If you want to create a successful outdoor campaign, there are other factors you need to consider to maximize success. Any marketing campaign, whether it’s outdoor or online, should be creative, memorable, and strategic.


Let’s say you’ve already found the perfect location for your billboards. Next, you’re probably looking for Philippine signage printers. There are other things to maximize your advertising budget. Here are a few tips for crafting a successful outdoor marketing campaign.

1. Make it engaging

With so many billboards and signs outdoors, you need to find a way to set your campaign apart from the competition. One way to do this is to have people engage with the ad. A mix of creative design, cutting-edge strategy, and experiential advertising will ensure that your outdoor ads will have a wider reach.

By making it more engaging, people will be more likely to share it on social media, widening the scope of the campaign. Your outdoor ad just went digital.

2. Turn a bane into a boon

Prime advertising spaces can be costly, and buying space in a less-than-prime location also leads to less-than-prime reach and engagement. If your campaign’s goal is to increase brand awareness, a rotational campaign can maximize your exposure while keeping costs low.


Buy spaces in multiple subprime locations and rotate the billboard. Make sure to alter the campaign artwork to the location for the best effect.

3. Check the competition

Before starting an outdoor campaign, check what your competitors are doing. Are they doing outdoor marketing as well or have they adopted a different strategy. Check their website and social media to see what kind of content they’re pushing out.

If you’re targeting the same audience, seeing what works and improving on what doesn’t will save you a lot of money instead of relying on trial and error. You also need to develop user personas for your target audience. Your campaign should resonate with the people you want to reach.

Once the campaign is complete, conduct a few focus groups or have your friends have a look at it. The campaign should be simple and direct to the point. The art should also be a head-turner. If they’re not engaged, then your audience won’t be involved as well.

4. Don’t overthink the campaign

Outdoor campaigns are different from radio or television ads. People only have a few seconds at best to absorb the message, so you should limit the copy to a few snappy words. An outdoor ad should be simple, direct to the point, and powerful.

A strong visual, coupled with a smart and short copy, should be enough to tell the story and grab the audience’s attention. An outdoor campaign that relies too heavily on the copy is set for failure. The more simple the ad is, the more likely it will be noticed and talked about. Again: short, smart, and straightforward.

By following these four marketing strategies, you’ll be able to plan and execute a more effective outdoor advertising campaign. Always have a goal in mind, and the path will reveal itself. If you’re having difficulty conceptualizing the campaign, ask for help from a creative team.

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