Why Advertising Doesn’t Have To Be Specific

A new rule of modern marketing is that it must target a specific base otherwise, it’s a waste of time and money. People who aren’t interested won’t have their interest piqued so it will fall on deaf ears. It’s much better to focus on a smaller demographic and secure bigger conversion rates.



At least, that’s the conventional wisdom at the moment. But, the reality is that advertising doesn’t always have to be specific to be effective. Some tactics appeal to everybody so why not cast your net far and wide? Here’s why it is completely acceptable go abstract with a new marketing campaign.


Focal Point

When a piece of advertising stands out from the crowd, it’s hard not to take notice. Whether a person is interested in the product or not, they will remember the slogan. Think of company cars as examples. It’s strange to see a regular vehicle covered in marketing, which is why it grabs people’s attention. Wraps make it simple to advertise to a host of people regardless of their age, gender or race. Follow the link to see more. With the number of people on the roads and streets, these ads are bound to gain traction. It’s how billboards worked effectively and still do to this day.



Everyone remembers a catchy jingle from a TV ad or radio program. It’s not as if you cared about the product or service, but you still couldn’t get the tune out of your head. You might even be able to recite the music and the words to this day. Because they are earworms, jingles are the perfect way to raise awareness of a brand. Shoppers might not want the service, yet they’ll still be able to match the business with the ad. As soon as they need assistance within the industry, you will be the first resource that pops into their head.




Jif is a cleaning product used around the world. In 2001, the company decided to drop the “J” and replace it with a “C” across Europe. Now known as Cif, the rebranding effort caused a storm on the continent. Every man and his dog had an opinion, and Cif’s (or is that Jif’s?) brand awareness skyrocketed as a result. Some of the publicity might have been negative, yet the change bought it in line with Unilever’s product around the globe. And, all it took to increase sales was to change the first letter of the word.





Branding doesn’t work the same now as before because people are glued to their mobile devices. Millennials are particularly challenging to influence as they grow up with technology. As other generations catch up in the future, there won’t be a handbook to consult. Therefore, the “tried and tested” methods, such as targeting customers, will die out in the not-too-distant future. Technology has made consumers savvier than ever before. Therefore, companies need to come up with creative ways to influence their decisions.


Specific ads do work, but they aren’t the Holy Grail of marketing. Sometimes, generic tactics are as effective in the right capacity.


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