Why You Should Schedule Time For Your Health

Do you often have the sensation that you need to postpone your health because there are so many things going on in your life? Making time to look after yourself is not negotiable. It is something that should happen day after day. But, even though most of us know that health is precious, we can struggle to schedule time for it. Indeed, a lot of people distance themselves from their bodies, hoping that things will sort themselves out of their own accord. Unfortunately, your immune system carries on. It can’t wait for you to make time, it continues its activities day after day. As a result, when you fail to schedule essential health maintenance in your calendar, you unknowingly weaken the immune system. As issues accumulate, your health could deteriorate dramatically. 


I don’t have time for a medical appointment now, you say. I’ll do it later. I’ll self-medicate in the meantime. 

You don’t need to get a medical checkup to look after yourself. You can schedule a little time for yourself each day and put your health first in the process. Day-to-day care must prevail before you can arrange medical appointments. Here are simple changes you can make, which can significantly boost your immune system, even if you’re overworked or rushed for time.

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That toothbrush: Stop using it

When was the last time you’ve changed your toothbrush? It’s not easy to keep count of the days, especially if you’ve been working from home since the start of the pandemic. Days blend into each other, and you rapidly don’t make the difference between a couple of days or a couple of weeks when routine takes over. Nevertheless, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to look carefully through your bathroom and identify the telling signs you need a new toothbrush. Worn or bent bristles don’t just look unappealing. They also make your toothbrush useless. Carrying on with a brush that is damaged isn’t going to keep your teeth clean. Ineffective bristles can’t remove plaque or little particles of food on your teeth. Consequently, you may be brushing your teeth twice or even thrice a day, but you could still encourage the apparition of cavities and first signs of decay with an old toothbrush. 


The recommended schedule to change your toothbrush is every 3 months. However, if your bristles are falling out before the end of the period, you should switch sooner. A good tip to save yourself time and keep your smile healthy is to sign up for a toothbrush membership. You can arrange to receive a new brush when it suits you best. If you prefer a monthly renewal, it takes only a few clicks to set up, and you don’t have to waste time about it. 

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Nobody wants a store-bought sandwich

Yes, we get it: You’re too busy to cook. However, you can’t rely on processed food or lunch deals bought in stores to give your body the nutrients it needs. Sticking to a healthy diet when you’re busy can seem like an impossible challenge at first. But, you can get smart about it. Buying your vegetables and fruits in pre-chopped packs makes food prep a breeze. If you’re working in an office, for instance, it would take you only a few minutes in the morning to throw a lunch box meal together. Chopped vegetables and a boiled egg can make a quick salad, for instance. Similarly, if you’re cooking at home, pre-chopped veggies are also a fantastic time saver. Most people waste a lot of time during the preparation step in the kitchen. Another critical aspect of a busy diet is to ensure you can receive all the vitamins and minerals. You can quickly improve your diet with supplements that target deficiencies. The result? You don’t need processed meals or junk food to save time. 

I don’t have time to sleep

Short nights and long working days? It’s tricky to get enough sleep when you’re working hard. You reassure yourself by thinking that all you need is a fresh supply of coffee, and you’ll be fine. Caffeine can boost your mental focus, making it easier to concentrate even when you’re tired. However, too much of it could make it harder to rest at night and lead to health complications, such as digestive issues, addiction, and rapid heart rate. If you’re going to reduce your coffee consumption, you need to give your body enough time to relax and sleep. Introducing a bed routine is unlikely to cost you a lot of time. You might even find that you’re more productive the next day after a good night’s sleep! 

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Scheduling time for self-care can mean a variety of things, from meditation to workout routines. However, making simple health choices a priority in your busy schedule doesn’t have to be tricky. No healthy switch is going to replace a medical appointment. However, giving your immune system a little boost through mindful choices can help keep the doctor away for a little longer! 

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