Why You Should Keep Printing Off Flyers

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Many of us see flyers as old fashioned, environmentally unfriendly and time-consuming to distribute. They get posted through our mailboxes and go straight into the trash in many cases. However, they’re not as defunct as many people believe. Most people simply don’t use the right strategy when designing and distributing leaflets. Here are just a few reasons to keep printing off flyers.


Not everyone uses the web


As shocking as it seems, there are still a lot of older people out there that don’t use the internet – at least not regularly enough to benefit from digital marketing. In order to cater to these consumers, it’s important to still use some offline marketing methods. Flyers are a great way to connect to these users – they are the PPC ads of the real world.


It can be a way to bring together digital and physical marketing


Digital marketing and physical marketing needn’t be mutually exclusive. In fact, flyers can be a great way to boost your digital marketing. By printing your website on flyers, you can encourage people to look you up online. Using a site like AVASAM you can even create your own QR code, which allows users to scan your flyer with their phone to quickly visit your site rather than having to type out the entire address. You can also use flyers to promote your email address and social media pages.


Flyers don’t have to be boring


Most companies think that a flyer has to be a single sheet of laminated A5 paper, but it can be more than this. The likes of Alpha Card offer creative solutions that add an element of curiosity and can help to engage people more successfully than standard flyers. You can also attach vouchers, competition forms and maps so that it’s more than just informational text.


You can target users by location


If you’re looking to advertise to people in a certain location, flyers are an excellent way to do this. Digital marketing is also starting to allow marketers to target users by location, but it still doesn’t allow you to be as specific. For example, you may only want to target a specific neighborhood – which you can do by only distributing flyers to homes in this area. You can even ask to place flyers in specific shop windows or post through specific home letterboxes if you want.


They’re cost effective


The price of printing flyers has been reduced significantly in recent years. For those marketing on a small budget, it’s a good option. Even if you get no extra customers, you’ll have only spent a few dollars and you’ll have gained exposure. Other forms of marketing such as website development, SEO, events marketing and PR tend to be much more of an investment when done professionally.


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