What To Do When You’re Feeling Low Energy

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It’s a problem that we can all face at some point. It seems like our ability to be productive, motivated, and energetic simply evaporates, leaving us as an energy-less body that seemingly doesn’t know how to get back on top of things. However, there are a lot of ways to give yourself the jolt of energy you need, as well as some sources of discontent you might need to take a closer look at.

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Have a more organized sleep

Though the relationship isn’t the easiest to understand or explain, there is no denying that sleep is a major contributing factor to how energetic we feel throughout the day. Not only does it matter how much we sleep, but it also matters when we sleep and when we wake up. A sleep clock can help ensure that you’re not only getting enough sleep but also that you’re waking up at the “shallowest” part of your sleep cycle. Waking up when you’re deep in REM sleep can leave you feeling a lot more lethargic when you wake up.

Offer your body some ease

The little niggling pains and discomforts that our body deals with every day can be pretty easy to ignore, or at least to get used to, to the point that you don’t think of them. However, if your joints are sore on a regular basis or you feel discomfort in your usual working position, that could be what’s using up all your energy. Seeking help from a chiropractor and addressing your posture can help you target these complaints. As such, you could get an energy boost from resolving what little issues you might think are too minor to address.

Watch out for caffeine

How could it possibly be true that the substance we rely on to give us that morning boost could actually be diminishing our energy levels throughout the day? If you’ve drunk caffeine for long enough, then you should be familiar with the slump that comes after the high. In fact, as you get more used to drinking caffeine, the energy high lasts less and less time, but the slump can remain every bit as potent. It might be time to rely on caffeine less and get more real hydration.

Could it be in your head?

Just because something is in your head doesn’t mean that it can’t have a profound impact on your life. Low energy levels are a common system of stress and depression. Naturally, it’s worth getting some help in dealing with matters when it comes to mental health, but there are also steps you can take to relieve these problems from home as well. Try to get a better understanding of what parts of everyday life are contributing to stress and get more organized in order to better deal with them.

It’s important to take a closer look at both the physical and the mental when it comes to figuring out why you’re so low energy. Find the problem, fix it, and get back to living life with the zest that you once enjoyed.


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