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Has your Instagram profile dried up in recent times or have you run out of content ideas? Perhaps it’s a bit of both. Luckily, there are some good ways to get it moving again and freshen things up. Below you will find five Instagram post ideas that are proven to work. 

Tutorial Posts

Instagram is an excellent place to learn and be entertained at the same time. In fact, surveys show that audience engagement is highest when watching a video that informs and entertains simultaneously. That’s what makes tutorial posts such an effective idea.

The tutorial posts you make don’t have to be in depth, you don’t have to be an expert to outline the process for creating ideal make-up or folding origami paper. If you know how to do something reasonable well people will stay to watch. 

Exercise Tips

Even if you don’t exercise there will be a part of you that wants to, that’s because exercise is so good for our health and we intuitively know the benefits of it. What makes exercise tips so effective is that they are excellent at engaging your social media accounts.


Again, you don’t have to be an athlete to take some videos or photos of your exercise routine and publish them on Instagram with a tag. The tag is important, you need to frame the post correctly to put your message across. 

Favorite Holiday Posts

One of the most popular types of posts on Instagram and other social media platforms is the holiday posts. Your audiences love to see where you’ve been and what stunning vistas you’ve brought back on your phone. 

But your holiday snaps don’t have to be limited to recent holidays. Why not dig through your collection of old photos and create a series called favorite holidays, or road trips. This is one popular way to utilize a lot of existing content. 

What’s in Your Bag? 

Instagram audiences love posts that are active and that display an individual’s personality, that’s one reason the ‘what’s in your bag’ post is so effective. It shows what your recent life is like and gives insight into your personality. 

The great thing about these posts is that you don’t have to settle for one single bag, you might use a range of bags for different purposes. Think of a work bag, a gym bag, a handbag, a clutch bag, an artist bag, a makeup bag or even your shopping bag. Let each bag tell its own story. 

A Morning Routine 

One fan’s favorite has got to be The Morning Routine post. This post is always a popular one to go to when you’re low on Instagram ideas. It shows your personality, your lifestyle, and your interests regardless of your routine style. 

There are several ways you can present your morning routine to your audience. Show them still images with tags, create a montage of you getting up and drinking green tea before yoga, or create a story out of it. This post is always a winner.

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