What Does Every Child Deserve?

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What Does Every Child Deserve?

Many parents bend over backwards in worry the moment they learn they are to have a child. They wonder if the child will be healthy, how well a baby fits into their financial situation, and what items they should think about buying for the home immediately. They might feel worried about the personal efforts they have to take care of, or the daily method of scheduling their tasks effectively.



However, the most important and frequent question most parents ask themselves is this – ‘Will I be a good mother or father?’ Of course, the best way of answering this question is ‘Yes,’ because that automatically helps you understand that being a great parent is no accident, it takes an affirmed decision to ensure you keep your priorities calibrated throughout their growth.

However, a much simpler manner of ensuring you take care of this is to think ‘what does my child deserve? What does every child deserve?’ When you think of this, you might be able to list a number of important considerations every child must be given or helped with, and that can help you know what to do next, year after year. To save you time and energy, we have decided to craft this list for you, ahead of time. Consider this following advice to potentially help you blossom in the best way possible in your parental years:


Love & Support


Of course, the highest priority for all parents is to give their love and support. Children are fragile things. We forget that they are having to learn how to become a human being from scratch, and we all too quickly forget how difficult that can be at times. It might be tempting to reprimand them when they spill cranberry juice all over the carpet, or break your favorite ornament, or perhaps have trouble eating everything on their plate.


Remember, they are kids. Too many kids are treated with the harsh discipline required of a military training program. Of course, that isn’t to say that discipline isn’t important, but it must always be done out of love. That doesn’t mean that you need to let them do anything they wish, but showing them how to correct their actions needs to be due to love. It might be that they’re struggling to focus on their math homework, but simply being patient with them instead of criticizing them for not trying (unless this is fully apparent) is important.


Remember that one outburst out of frustration from you can be cemented in a child’s mind for some time. All children in the world deserve love, and there’s nothing quite as creative and thought-provoking as a child given a nest of appreciation such as they deserve to experience.



The Art Of Communication

It’s important to show children how to communicate. There’s nothing worse than a child who swears with abandon, as this has been picked up by the parents. Of course, no matter how you feel about this, it’s likely you agree in some capacity. The art of communication also comes in other ways, from giving your child a platform and the confidence to speak, furthermore to be listened to. They need to know you appreciate their input, even if that simply means nodding and saying they are great. You are not in an intellectual battle with your child. Yes, that drawing they’ve done for you should be the best thing ever.


Learning to communicate in healthy ways with your blossoming child can help you develop much more of a respectful and bonded relationship with them, so be sure to consider how you converse with your child, and what sort of conversations you are having. You needn’t police yourself, but it can be important to consider what sort of topics come up, how the laughter or love flows, and how comfortable your child is around you. If there is any oddness here, it might be cause for concern.


Great, Healthy Food


Children deserve a fantastic diet. They deserve to be presented with good vegetables at an early age, skipping all of the nonsense of ‘hating them’ later on. A child deserves to be fed with treats now and again, but usually as an extreme luxury. Remember, sugar is not as harmless as it might have seemed even ten years ago, and sometimes an overabundance on treats or juices, or fizzy drinks can impact their health, development and dental health.


If your child eats well, and takes a special child’s vitamin, they will often build a healthy immune system, and genuinely enjoy the perks of starting off life with the healthiest intake possible. This is incredibly important to foster as a new parent, meaning that a secondary goal of raising children is learning about macronutrients and the competencies of the kitchen.




Every child deserves to experience socialization with peers of their age. This can help them feel more comfortable and surrounded by people they can make friends with, and generally help them understand the social flow of a group dynamic. This is important to instill from a young age, which is why kindergarten attendance is often very worthwhile. Children without siblings can do well by attending extra-curricular activities if possible for your schedule, as it’s very essential for them to become well-versed in the gentle art of comfortable peer-to-peer interaction.


Of course, all children will meet their end of social conflict, and to some degree deserve to experience this early to prepare them for life. There is no way around it. You can help provide advice, and foster a ‘stick up for yourself’ mindset, while also highlighting the importance of airing grievances to the teacher or adult present. Teaching your child how to spot children to avoid can help prevent them from getting into sticky situations also, which can truly help in the long term.


A Pleasant Bedroom


Every child deserves to enjoy a pleasant bedroom. This is the place that will help them feel safe, connected, and loved. If designed correctly, it should provide them the platform of feeling a sense of personal dominion over a home space. It will be the place they store all of their special books and personal items crafted at school.


If you can, be sure to allow them some form of creative decision over this room, even if that’s simply the motif you decide to implement certain stencils or paintings with. A pleasant bedroom can go a pretty long way for most children, especially if you implement kids beds from Cuckooland or make time for more novel items such as bean bags, and perhaps designating a play area for when they invite a friend around. This should give them the space to be themselves, completely and utterly, and that can only be healthy for a young person.




Children often need guidance most of all. They need to turn to you when they lose miserably on their sports team, and motivated to go again a second time. They need you looking out for them, and given the wisdom that will keep you safe. They need to be told they are loved, sometimes multiple times a day. They must also ask you for homework advice when struggling, or perhaps even methods of dealing with a personal health issue such as Asthma that they don’t fully understand. Just like love, children need guidance, and your effectiveness as a parent is in your ability to give it correctly and lovingly.


With these simple tips, your child is sure to get what it deserves, which sounds ominous, but these tips should prove nothing but nurturing.


Last updated on February 4, 2019


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