Understanding Why No Queues Come To You When You Attend Events

When it comes to marketing, most of us turn online before anything else. And, there’s no denying that you’ll find a vast amount of your business this way. But, that’s not to say old marketing methods are dead. Many companies still make use of things like flyers and posters. Any business worth their salt will also attend physical events for promotion. Whether they’re industry specific or aimed towards a more general audience, events like these offer the ideal opportunity to show off your products. Unlike online marketing, these allow you to take a more personal approach and put products directly in front of potential customers. The exclusive nature of events like these also makes it easier to stand out to the crowd.

Chances are that you may even have attended a few events like these. The trouble is, each time you do, your queue is a shorter than everyone else’s. Sometimes, no customers come to you at all. Luckily, there may be some simple reasons for this lack of attention, and we’re going to address them here.

Your display doesn’t attract attention


If you have a table where you register people and display other information, you should also ensure that it is organized. You can also do something different with your display by getting a custom tablecloth with your logo printed on it. Make sure to choose a company that produces high-quality work to make your logo visible from a reasonable distance and can attract the right audience.

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For the sake of saving money, many companies keep event displays simple. You’ve already paid for your pitch, and probably your tables etc. So, you may try to do with the bare minimum. The trouble is that the bare minimum is barely going to attract any attention. That’s especially the case if the exhibits around you look the part. The good news is, appearance doesn’t have to cost a great deal. Printing your own posters can add color, as can a banner. The interest these would attract will soon make any expense here worth your while.

You aren’t offering free samples

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There are no two ways around it; displays which offer free samples always have the best queues. We love a freebie! If you aren’t offering them, it’s no wonder customers are looking elsewhere. Change that by getting in on the freebie game. If you’re attempting to sell food and drink, put samples out for everyone to try. Or, invest in something like the food and drink pouches to hand out. If you can’t offer freebies as such, consider investing in merch. This will attract crowds and takes care of marketing for you. Just offer something, and you’re sure to get something in return.

You don’t have the gift of the gab

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Sometimes, issues here come down to the way you approach sales. If you sit at that table and barely look up, people are going to pass you by. Of course, this is a professional event. You don’t want to be yelling at the top of your lungs. But, you do want to work at engaging passers-by. That means standing up, looking out, and pouncing on the slightest bit of eye contact you notice. Before you know, you’ll start pulling people in with your winning personality. That then increases the chances that they’ll fall in love with your products.

Last updated on March 29, 2023


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