The Workload: Looking After Your Freelance Career (And Your Sanity) When You’re Unwell




There are numerous hiccups in life, and when you are struggling by yourself, you may feel ill-equipped to deal with these problems. When you are freelancing, you have got a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. You have to look for work and also develop ways to cope should the unexpected arise. Freelancers often feel they are on a treadmill and can’t get off. If an illness or injury threatens to derail you, you have to find coping methods, not just to deal with the illness, but also the workload. Here are some tips for getting through tough times.

If You’re Rendered Immobile

If you’re unable to go into the office for meetings and collaborate with people face-to-face, nowadays there are so many communication methods available that you can do the vast majority of it from your home. But on the other hand, when you’re unable to get out of the house, you can feel that you will get left behind because the freelance way of life is such a cut-throat industry. If you can get the work done on time, regardless of how you go about it, why should anybody need to probe further?

If You’re Unable To Work


But of course, on occasion, there are times when you are physically unable to do the work. Not only does this make you appear unreliable, but it can also cause lots of guilt. In this respect, when you are not able to earn a living, you have to take advantage of the resources to help you earn a wage. Whether this is government benefits to help us financially or instigating legal proceedings through a malpractice lawyer you must consider every angle. The legal route can take some time, and it depends on the cause of your incapacity but if medical malpractice is to blame for your illness or injury, it’s your prerogative to get an outcome that pleases you.

Coping Emotionally

Even if you’re able to cope in a physical sense and get the work done on time, or find means of support, you still need to find a way to cope in an emotional sense. Whether you are confined to your home, or you aren’t able to get around, you may worry that your condition can impact your freelance career for years to come. This can be a kick in the teeth if you’ve worked hard to achieve this lifestyle. Emotionally speaking, it’s about learning and implementing the appropriate coping techniques. We’re all unique when it comes to this- some benefit more from big-picture thinking, others embrace the spiritual side of things, but it’s a very similar situation to when people are confined to a hospital bed for months as boredom and isolation creep in. Occupying yourself at this stage by planning your freelance attack when you’re fit and well can help, but also take the opportunity to learn some additional skills that will supplement your career.

Looking after your freelance career when you are away from it is a big challenge because you’ve got to keep your name well-maintained, but also you need to take the opportunity to get better. It’s not easy but you can do it.

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